How the Watchtower corporation really works (beginning to end)

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  • DaCheech

    very informative

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    Lols @ Lunatic. I was thinking the same thing. Although realizing the identity of this scam-tastic organization, I bet alot of people need a BM after waking up and cutting the ropes.

  • willyloman

    This pretty much explains everything. Good reasoning, accurate information.

    I would copy and paste the points I really liked but then I'd just be rerunning your entire essay and it speaks for itself.

  • Terry

    How many times have I heard, "You can't call yourself a witness of Jehovah unless you witness"? And the Bill of Rights comment--free labor, free advertisement, free money. But as we all know, being a witness isn't free--gas money for service, convention/assembly expenses, donations, etc. It is an expensive religion to be a part of.

    Quick story...

    Around 1970 I decided I needed to work for myself or my family would remain in JW-Poverty. So, I printed up business cards and bought paint, brushes, etc and started a SIGN MAKING business.

    About this time the Circuit Servant (Brother Mackie) paid his visit.

    I ended up going out in service with him and he casually asked me what I did to support my family. I gave him my business card and that was about it.

    Fast forward. At the next Circuit Assembly guess who gets appointed SIGN SERVANT?!!

    Yes. Me.

    This was weird on three fronts.

    Brother Payne, in our congregation, had ALWAYS been the sign servant before (he had a thriving sign business).

    Brother Payne was hurt, flabbergasted and obviously not happy with me!

    I was just getting started and didn't have the money to PAY FOR EVERY DAMN SIGN myself, much less spend hours and hours making them by hand.

    Lastly, Payne was told to work with me and UNDER ME. Oh crap. I could see he was NOT a happy camper.

    Okay...I bit the bullet and proceeded to start on the list of signs and sizes I was given. I gave half to Payne and I took the rest.

    How did this turn out?

    I'll tell you.

    After I had created approximately 200 hand made signs (all very professional) and handed them in I get a call from Brother Payne.

    "You're not the Sign Servant anymore." No hello, how ya doin' or anythinng.

    He continued: "The signs you handed it weren't the sam colors as MY SIGNS and didn't match. I talked to Brother Mackie and explained to him

    that you had no experience in this and obviously FORGOT TO CHECK WITH ME ABOUT THE COLORS. So, I volunteered to take over the signs from here on out. He said okay."

    None of my signs were used. I was in the hole a couple of hundred bucks and Brother Payne was walking around with a huge smile.

    Jehovah's spirit was obviously in charge!

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    hi Terry,

    You have a PM.


  • saltyoldlady

    Wow - what an experience! Dreadful! And I suspect there are many many more very similar out there. It's just not what we call "Christian Love" -

  • designs

    Sucker-punched by a CO...........

  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    How frustrating! You mentioned the CO's name was Mackey. That name has been around the WTS for awhile. There is a huge family of Mackeys here in Oregon, and it was a Mackey who performed the Marriage ceremony for my parents in Utah in 1959, and a family of Mackey's that started the cong. where PYRAMID is from in Northern California.

    Isn't it a small world? *snort*

  • Terry

    What stands out to me is that there was never an ORGANIZED or PRACTICAL guidance involved.

    Things were ASSUMED and were expected to be automatically carried out.

    The correct way to go about it---if I may be so bold---was for Brother Mackie to sit down with me or call me on the phone and ASK.

    1.Would you volunteer?

    2.Can you donate the time and materials without burden on your family or business/

    3.How much lead time do you need?

    Practical questions. You'd think!

    If JEHOVAH were DIRECTING his organization it would be more practical, kind, caring and effective.

    The waste of my time, money and effort was small potato chips to everybody in charge.

    Just like the two years I spent in Federal prison. Nobody seemed to give it much thought. Such sacrifices were "ho hum".

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