"Spiritual Endagerment As Grounds For Divorce"? Paleeez!!!

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My favorite aunt had a slightly similar problem. My uncle clearly committed adultery and neglect. After many reconciliations,, they divorced. Within a few months, he showed up at meetings and hoped to be reinstated. She thought she accumulated so much evidence and cried to the brothers so hard, they would tell him what to do with himself. They took his side. Sisters come and go but a brother - wow. He was a Bethelite - wow-wow. Plus, an overseer at one point. It wasn't funny to see her tears.

    He was reinstated. Altho his son was his son, he would travel from another KH to verbally harass my cousin who did absolutely nothing.

    The saddest part was that I lost my light-hearted aunt. She became a shrew with bitterness. They were more bound together in hate than they ever were in marriage.

  • Morbidzbaby

    itscrap&theyknowit!, you have a PM dear.

  • mamalove

    I am sorry you are so frustrated. I am confused, do you want to stay associated with the JW's? Or do you just want to fade, and also make sure that he doesnt come up smelling like a rose in the congregation while making you look bad?

    Divorce is sometimes the only way you can survive. We all have our breaking points. Also, do you want your kids to grow up brainwashed, to get married young, and to have a bleak future thinking armageddon is around the corner? Be proactive for your kids.

    And as far as custody, he won't get full custody. Now a days, most courts want the parents to do 50/50 custody if they are willing. If they dont do drugs in front of kids, or have child porn in the house, 50/50 will be awarded in many cases.

    If you need any advice or questions on divorce or dealing with a self righteous husband, PM me.

    I am so happy in my new life!

  • WTWizard

    Absolute spiritual endangerment, willful non-support, and physical abuse are supposed to be grounds for separation. However, it is not grounds for divorce. The difference is that, in a "separation", they are not free to remarry. This means that, unless the other party commits "adultery", you cannot get a "scriptural" divorce and be free to remarry without yourself committing "adultery".

    According to washtowel doctrine, adultery is the only grounds for divorce with the right to remarry. And, it is not clear from one minute to the next whether same-sex or bestiality sex counts as "adultery", even though common sense would suggest that it should.

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