"Spiritual Endagerment As Grounds For Divorce"? Paleeez!!!

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  • sd-7

    Seriously though, that's a sad situation. I hope things improve for you in time.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    itscrap&theknowit! you have a PM

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ sd-7 - I see your point. But, I definitely can't relate to that.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    You still live together? I would go for separation and a restraining order and make up some spiritual/emotional abuse story for the company men, you can use the restraining order in your defense. You could even appear to be 'just crazy'.

    If you want to get back at him and catch him doing something fishy, hire a detective, they are skilled at it but I don't think you really care whether or not you or him gets a 'Witness-approved' divorce.

  • Scully

    re: your daughter - I can tell she is really stressed about it (baptism at an early age)

    Keep telling her that she doesn't have to do it if she doesn't feel ready. Remind her, as often as you need to, that Jesus didn't get baptized until he was 30 years old. Besides, what is the big rush? So your husband can shun her if she makes a mistake a few years down the road and gets DFd??

    I'd also ask your husband why he is colluding with the elders to entrap you with this legally unrecognized charge of Spiritual Endangermentâ„¢? Tell him that legally he's free to leave without going through all those stupid hoops - tell him "just don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!"

    (puts $5 wager on the table that he's the one sneaking around with someone else)

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ ANONY MOUS - I have gotten the detective. Very expensive and oooohhh!!!...the things I've found out! I only did this to show HIM, the elder body of his congreation, NY Headquarters, his family, my family and the 2 females he's been screwing. This will let everyone know that I don't care what this man does.....they care. He 'appears' to be 'brother spiritual'? Well, then, let me show you 'brother spiritual'.

    @ SCULLY - Baby, you're saying it!!! LOL!!!!

    @ OUT4GOOD 3 - He is DEFINITLY doing BOTH! He just thinks I don't hear his ass in the middle of the night (MASTERbating). LOL!!!! I'm good at what I find out!

    All your thoughts are very supportive!

  • grewupjw1969

    @ Scully, here's $5 and I raise you $50

    @It's crap&theyknowit: I agree with Scully, get a separation and make his ass leave. The stress you encounter on a daily basis is not worth it. Peace of mind is priceless


  • out4good3

    6 years.....


    I'm surprised he hasn't played the "marital due" card on you.

    Not that it would work based upon your postings.....

    Just saying......

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ grewupjw 1969 - I'll raise you $1,000,000,000,000!!!! I know the truth! May as well go 1/2 on that money! LOL!!!!! (<<<stroke, stroke, stroke>>>)!!!

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    @ out4good3 - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're right!!! I didn't think about that! That's why he's so quiet and paying ALL the bills peacefully! Like my Dad said, "Ain't NO MAN gonna let you stay at his house, eat his food and not pay no bills without given up the panties!!!!" You given up something! Nope!!! I give him HELL!!!! This is what HE asked for!

    He's doin' the 'do'. I don't care! Just don't TRY YOUR DAMNDEST TO IMPLICATE ME!!!!!! Stroke the monkey, play 'spank the crack-head', WHATEVER!!!!! Just do you! He's getting off so much easier, this way. When I divorce, he'll have alimony support based on 20 years, child support of 2 kids one of which he will pay forever on due to disability AND the bills he has now.

    But, I need peace of mind from the JWS. So, I'll take alimony, child support for the next 12 years!!! (WHOOMP, WHOOMP!!!)

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