JW editorial on how education does you no good...

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    Solomon said: "See a man skilled in his work? Before kings he will stand." What is skill? Education, practice, more education and more practice, very little is talent. It is illogical to say that a person who is uneducated and unskilled will always do as well as someone who is learned and practiced in his chosen field. I think that ole' Bill jumped the shark with this one. Mop floors and sell Amway, it's just as good as being a doctor...Great advice Bill.

  • VM44

    "One recent study showed that it takes 14 years of post-graduate work, on average, for a college graduate’s pay – minus repaying student loans – to surpass the pay of the average high school graduate who went straight into the work force. 14 years. How much could you earn in 14 years?"

    I wonder why this author doesn't mention the name of this "recent study"?

    Perhaps because the study from which he obtained his information is very possibly this one, "Education Pays, The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society"?


    The author can't give a reference to a study with that title, could he? It would undermine the whole point of his writing the article.

    As for the question "How much could you earn in 14 years?", the "Education Pays" study on page 11 gives a "Estimated Cumulative Earnings by Education Level" chart which answers the question on the average, but the author doesn't want to make use of that information.

    I am not impressed.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I can't get it to let me comment, even with FB login. That's frustrating!

  • JonathanH

    I commented a few times. My facebook name is Markus Vann Rijn, namely because I don't want people looking me up on facebook. I just use it for a few things that use facebook as a log in. I commented a few times to represent. What's sickening is looking at his articles, the comments posted are all almost exclusively from other witnesses telling him how right he is, and how smart he is for being so right.

  • JonathanH

    Oh, I would also like to place bets on the likely hood of my comments being deleted rather than verbally contested, even though I have gone out of my way to be polite.


    I have commented in the past on other articles and he is very sensitive to people who disagree or call him on his BS.


    Nice catch VM44.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My education is so precious to me. B/c of the Witnesses, I don't ever take it for granted. Being education involves way more than salary increases over high school. It is a world view. I believe it is the world view aspect and not the income that bothers the Witness. Education has enriched me in so many ways that cannot be measured in monetary terms. Most importantly, it gave me some critical thinking skills and the ability to teach myself in many fields. It gave me confidence in many things. I was able to attend college at 18 because my JW father died. His social security claim helped fund my education. The transformation in me was striking. Today I would call it "things of the soul." No one can take it away from me.

    I lived in Manhattan where housing costs are outrageous. Educated people would almost starve themselves so their children could attend a good private school. Pragmatically, the income benefit helps but it is a small part of education for me.


    Very good point. The Wt does not want it's members to be able to think critically because it reveals some hard truths about the orginization they dont want scrutinized.

  • WTWizard

    Yes, there are college graduates that are washing dishes. However, as a percentage, more college graduates are making significant money than high school only graduates. Most of them are washing dishes and scrubbing toilets, instead of just some of them.

    However, there is no absolute reason why you should not get a college degree. Besides being the ticket to many jobs (while government regulations prevent people from starting their own damn businesses, because they will get raided for disrupting the big companies owned by the same Rothschild family members that own the banks and colleges), college is often the start of independent living. Many people, even in the world, would still be living with their parents (or grandparents) into their 30s or beyond if not for college. And that is often enough reason to go.

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