The Infamous May 15th 1984 Watchtower "1914: The Generation That Will Not Pass Away"

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    So anyone with their bluetooth device turned on would automatically receive the image? Your bluetooth would search for other activated bluetooths and send the pic to whichever device is turned on?

    No, the recipient would have to accept it, but MY thinking is that they would most likely accept it as it could only have been sent from within the Kingdom Hall because of the range. So, they wouldn't be suspicious of who it came from, a fellow JW (but they'd know a flier would have come from an outsider). So far better chance of successfully delivering info.

  • ambersun

    I can remember being amazed when I first saw that WT back in 1984, thinking even back then how the WTS were really sticking their necks out with that one, and wondered if they were actually painting themselves into a corner. Now, over a quarter of a century later, it is quite obvious that is EXACTLY what they have done! Well done to whoever came up with all the names and dates of all those who were not supposed to 'pass away'.

    It would be good if as many JWs as possible could see that updated image. Anyone who had doubted the WTS's teachings on the 1914 generation back in 1984 would have been severely reprimanded if not DF'd. Now, with the 'New Light', we know they will try to excuse it away as being an 'overlapping generation', and most of them will no doubt dismiss it out of hand, but hopefully it might create a spark of doubt in some of their minds.

    Again, well done

  • dozy

    It is a super cover that pretty much says it all - I wonder what elderly JWs would think when they saw it (I suppose it is a blessing that most of them never will see it.)

    Another nail in the coffin of the "1914 generation that will never die" came yesterday - death of the final soldier who fought in WW1.

  • sizemik
    As soon as the JWs realize there are "apostate" flyers on windshields at a convention, they'll gather them all up and throw them away, believing they are doing "God's work"

    A reasonably successful method I was told of was to roll the flyer up and feed it into the gap near the door pillar so it can't be seen or even retrieved. It only becomes discovered when the door is opened by the owner.

  • streets76


  • ProdigalSon

    I guess the idiots at Bethel had their money on George Orwell that year.

  • donny

    I was at the peak of my blind zeal for the Organization when these mags came out. I remember handing a few out at my place of employment and they sparked quite a variety of conversations. When I last saw this magazine in my old bound volumes several years ago, I wondered how many of these individuals were still around. Seeing it again makes be both laugh and feel sad at the same time.

  • wasblind

    That Magazine cover reminds me of Genesis 3:4 " At this the serpent said to the woman: "you positively will not die".

    The very same promise the WTS made to those folks on the cover

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I have a theological question. My greatgrandfather was a member of the remnant. Everyone believed it except my grandmother. Her generation was the Great Crowd on earth. Earth always seemed more home like than heaven. My mom explained the rancor between them. She said it was generational. No one below a certain age (I believe there was specific date with significance but the Witnesses have so many dates) would dare to believe they were remnant members. Our overseer who was in his late 30s announced he was remnant. We could not wait for the disfellowshiping announcement. The Society upheld his claim, stating that some of the almost 144,000 in heaven had been unfaithful in heaven and had to be replaced.

    Can someone tell me how anyone living today can claim to be remnant today? The 144,000 figure was fulfilled decades ago. I suspect a big flop and New Light. I pick up references to the change but nothing definitive.

    Also, I want to read more about 1975 and the changes it brought. The emergence of the Governing Body is another interest. What should I put in the search engine to get results? Is there a particular poster who specializes in these matters?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Can someone tell me how anyone living today can claim to be remnant today? The 144,000 figure was fulfilled decades ago. I suspect a big flop and New Light. I pick up references to the change but nothing definitive.

    They do not believe the 144k was fulfilled decades ago anymore. I believe it was a 2007 Watchtower that removed that doctrine (that the only "new" anointed after 1935 were replacements). Since 2007 the number of anointed has gone up. And they do not use the term "remnant" anymore.

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