An absolute nightmare!

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  • MrFreeze

    willy, that is a nightmare.

  • imasheilatoo

    This might seem counter-intuitive, but I actually think that's a positive dream rather than a negative one. The feeling it evoked was horror. It's like you are telling yourself that you made the right decision. Perhaps you have some lingering fear of still identifying with the JWs, but that will fade. When I first left the JWs many years ago, I began to smoke cigarettes. I smoked for about three years, finally giving it up when I realized it was a terrible habit. For many years after that, I used to have nightmares that I had picked up a cigarette and smoked it again. And in my nightmare I would berate myself and feel so terrible that I had done this and fear that I would never be able to give it up again. The feeling upon waking was RELIEF that it hadn't actually happened. Then I could go about my day knowing that I really was not a smoker anymore. Eventually when I got far enough away from the cigarettes, the dreams stopped.

  • journey-on
    flip flops. That was odd because I never wear flip flops.

    This represents you symbolically stepping on their flip flopping doctrines----what they affectionately call 'new light'---

    You are the only one in your circle aware of their flip flopping dogma and their robotic "stepford wives" demeanor. They all know you know (7000 eyes), but continue the charade because they are the brainwashed collective.

    Let's look at the things in your dream:

    You are driving with your family: You are living life and are with those you are truly connected to...your family.

    Your family is dressed up and you are casual: They live life pretending to be something. You live life authentically.

    Large Building: You recognize it as the District Convention. Buildings represent foundations in life and specific buildings have individual meaning. This one obviously represents your JW foundation.

    You observe their on-going participation: You feel soooo removed from them. They seem robotic, like a Stepford Wife scenario. You are totally aware and awake. They chant as if in a trance at the direction of the speaker at the podium. You feel like a turd in a punch bowl when you are around them.

    Cheap motel: (Another building...see above) A temporary place where you can interact occasionally with close ones but not live with.

    Long table: They are each one putting their "cards on the table" and making judgements about you. It seems they are sitting down to eat with you, perhaps in an effort to give you another chance to join them once again in Stepford place.

  • Elgiard

    I dreamed that my mom went back and convinced me to come to a meeting with her, and they read a letter from the Society saying that Armageddon was here, and the only way to prove yourself worthy to Jehovah was to commit suicide right there at the meeting.

  • d

    I also sometimes have dreams about returning to the KH. But once I am awake I feel relieved.

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