Songs that remind you of your Mum . . .

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  • nicolaou

    I remember my Mum standing at the kitchen sink preparing little Cypriot meat patties in a beat up enamel dish. There was a window overlooking the small garden where me and my brother and sisters used to play (wonderful, wonderful times before the cult got its tentacles into our family).

    My Mum used to sing lots of tunes but this Lynn Anderson song is the one I remember . . . . . actually choking up a little . .

  • PSacramento

    Mama from Boyz 2 men.

    My mother and I danced to it at my wedding.

    Will bring a tear to my eye everytime...

    There are times I miss my Mom...something fierce....the memories we had at christmas and bdays...damn the WT...

    Sorry Nic, didn't mean to side track.

  • cantleave
  • snowbird

    I tried Cyberhymnal so you could hear it, but it didn't work.

    My mama died in 2005.

    I miss her so much.

    Hugs to Nic and PSac.


  • watersprout

    How do you post vids??

  • unshackled

    Haven't seen or spoken to my mother in over 5 years...but my childhood memories are of her listening to Patsy Cline. Ever miss the days when you didn't know any better?

  • nicolaou

    For a Youtube vid just cut and paste the link into your post. If your browser does not automatically make it active highlight the text of the link then click on the hyperlink button and paste the same link into the Link URL box.


    There MUST be an easier way of explaining that!

  • Lozhasleft

    Mine liked Andy Williams but I also remember her singing 'New York' on kareoko a couple of years before she died. We had our issues but I still miss her.

    Loz x

  • outlawwilly

    This. Miss it? Meh. Her loss not mine.

  • watersprout

    Mom was always playing Whitney Housten... This song takes me back to being in my mom's white escort convertible [before the WT took everything off my parents] with this song blaring out and me and my sister in the back screaming out the lyrics with our hair blowing about in the wind!


    P.S. Thanks Nicolaou

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