This stopped me in my tracks. Sad but inspiring, please read...

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  • smiddy

    I too was ok till I got to the last paragraph,then tears welled up in my eyes

    Thanks for posting


  • Lozhasleft

    Moving...very moving.

    Loz x

  • steve2


  • unshackled

    I pullled this up and cried my heart out. My sister died of the very same thing and it was like listening to her. She was on my mind all day and then I read this. We were all JWs at one time. What a waste. You never get it out of you life. This is so sad.

    rnovello…I'm sorry for your loss, this must've been a tough read. Thank you for sharing that. As for the never getting our JW past out of our lives…this line from his blog resonated with me:
    "I've come to realize that, at any time, I can lament what I will never know, yet still not regret what got me where I am."
  • steve2

    THank you for posting this unshackled.

    Those of us who were raised in the organization were never allowed to see life for what it is: Brief and to be savoured in the here and now. We were told to put everything on hold for the future - a paradise future that never came - or, the plain unadorned future unfolded and we had to adjust to growing old.

    I admire the honesty, emotional nakeness and deep love this man had for life and his family: He resists the convenient urge to paper over sorrow and loss with easy reassurances from supernatural gods from the never never who rely on humans to speak for them.

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