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  • TD


    --Not a fan of Jeff Wayne by any chance?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


    Do you remember the sci fi movie "the crawling eye" that movie really freaked me out when i was a kid.

    I loved sci fi, dracula stuff and monster movies but something about that movie scared me more than usual.

  • sizemik
    --Not a fan of Jeff Wayne by any chance?

    Ha Ha Ha . . . bit obvious I s'pose TD

    Not what you'd call an avid fan though . . . but back in the bad good ol' days prior to my JW experience (early 80's), I used to smoke a bit of weed, put my headphones on inside my helmet and throw myself at the ground from 9000 feet while listening to it.

    I guess it kinda burned itself in the brain . . . a great album . . . attached to great memories.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Your posts are appreciated, Nancy, TD and Sizemik [Seismic?]:


    Thanks for referring to Jeff Wayne. Went to Youtube and saw his great stuff. How could I have missed him all these years?


    Yes; it's because of the atmosphere. I have the videocassette. It's unintentionally funny where the little girl is surrounded by grasping tentacles and her scream is out of sync with her mouth, which, if I recall correctly, never actually opens. Was that little girl you?


    Thanks again for projecting me into another parallel!

    CoCo Cosmonut

  • sizemik

    Spot on with the seismic reference CoCo . . . living in CHCH New Zealand . . . we've had 2 major Quakes here in the last 9 months with about 7000 aftershocks . . . different kind of rock n' roll. Not all on JWN pick the reference though . . . I'm regularly referred to as Sizemilk or Sizemike LOL

    Earth Science was the focus of my tertiary studies 35 years ago and remains a keen interest . . . so the current circumstances are fascinating to me.

    While perusing the board this morning we had a good shake . . . rolled for about 30 secs . . . almost rocked me back to sleep.

    Took a scientific approach to things after my 25 year ride on the crazy train . . . hasn't made me an atheist (too absolute) . . . it simply taught me to be generous in allowing for the unknown.

    If God's around somewhere . . . I don't expect to be punished for what I don't know . . . or making the wrong "guess"

    If he cannot be revealed by using the analytical brain he gave us . . . then that's not our fault IMO.

    Life's like a good SF mystery . . . why read the last chapter first and spoil the story?

    New parallels are great things to find . . . love the philosophy of A Einstein

    Now I'm rambling about endless ponderings . . .

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Sizemik:

    Now I'm rambling about endless ponderings . . . [I'm a stream-of-consciousness kind of guy myself].

    That and your other thoughts above are noteworthy, as well as what you did before the "crazy" period of your life.

    I was in Auckland a dozen years ago during a flight layover. Couldn't leave the aeroport grounds due to some regulations vis-a-vis passport restrictions, so I haunted the bookshop and, as the Kiwi was some 50 cents to our US dollar, I bought a slew of books on your lovely country. They have served as an inspiration to me on a number of aesthetic and artistic levels.

    Please take care and always remember that seismologists are fault finders ...

    With gratitude for your posts,


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    We sojourners in the outer reaches of space have been catapulted unwillingly into a vast realm under stars.

    Even the most imaginative and forward-looking minds of SF fantasy could fain have conjured this. The intergalactic space we currently occupy distorts to the eye what is a universe of infinite and fabulous unreality. Unreality, that is, to us uncomprehending men, we who gaze helplessly upon a cosmic tableau that threatens both to fascinate and crush our frail bodies.

    Our recent escape from earth was of sheer necessity: we have been overtaken by a scorpion race of aliens whose intent toward us humans is not one of beneficent intervention but that of conquest. Their malevolent quest is not of mere subjugation of a lesser, weaker race, but of an insatiable physiological demand for nourishment to fuel their grotesque bodies, carnivores of the most avaricious sort.

    This putative departure to which I allude is only in our minds. Our souls, God willing, shall ascend into an celestial expanse where dreams come true. Where this nightmare will have ended. Our existence as flesh and blood is about to end.

    Damn the Martians ...

  • ziddina

    Hey, CoCo!! Good to see you posting again!!!

    I sure wish you had GoogleEarth capacities on your computer... The [free!] version I've got, enables me to 'fly' over Mars, as well as earth and the moon - and Mars is NEAT!!!

    Haven't seen any Martians yet, though...

    That IS scary music!! Although I think "Tubular Bells" is scarier, though...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey, Ziddy!

    Long time, no talk. Hope all's well with you and yours.

    Will have to listen "Tubular Bells." Music consistently lays the groundwork for strange tales and fevered poetry ...

    Thanks much,


  • Farkel


    : This is one of the most frightening pieces of music ever written.

    Rubbish! my friend. I find "The Planets" to be inspirational and even motivating. It is one of my favorites.


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