Can you list some outdoor jobs for me to consider?

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  • jam

    While waiting to get my car smog certified and lady was struggling

    to put air in her tires. I walked over and gave her a hand, she had no

    idea how much pressure should be in the tires. After I put the correct

    amount of pressure in the tires another elderly woman drove up and

    ask, how much do I charge to check her car. LOL

    I thought about this on the way home, a good business.

    If someone set up a operation with a air machine, ( for tires) and the guy

    just check air pressure, oil, water all the fluids. I think it could be a nice

    little income. I would pay a guy $5.00 just to check.

    How many of you ladies would pay a guy 5 bucks to look under your hood,

    (that's car hood guys).

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