the love of animals

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  • Heartofaboy

    Humane traps should be re-named inhumane traps as the poor critter stresses out, dehydrates or starves to death instead of a quick whack across the back of the neck.

    I saw a rabbit at the weekend with myxi it looked in a dreadful state with it's eyes all puffed up, I should've killed it to put it out of it's misery, but I just couldn't.......I must toughen up.

    I'm a right soppy date.


  • prophecor

    I've got a soft spot in my heart for all things living. Humans included. I can't bear the thought of killing anything, except house flies and mosquitos. They recieve an instant death sentence. Though I do on occasion try to escort flies out of the window before having to resort to drastic measures. Creepy crawlers, 1000 leggers, spiders and the like, I try to give them room to stay alive. Everything on earth, wants to live. I try to encourage my grandchildren to have a respect for living things. To not just randomly go off killing things such as insects because they look strange, scarry or hideous to we humans.

    When I see the commercial for the Humane Society For Animals, and they show all the animals who've been abused. In thier desperate and frightened condition, I cannot watch without crying, like clockwork, every single time. We are here to be stewards of this planet and all that is on it. Stewardship demands the proper care and upkeep of all that God has given us. Even in this imperfect state that it's in. Ourselves included.

    It tears my soul when I see those here in Philadelphia who have lately, been hosting dog fighting for fun and sport. Anyone participating in this sort of terrorism needs to be locked up. Mandatory 5 years in prison, no parole, no time off with good behavior. We humans are the creatures on the planet who make a mess of all that we have been given, the animals and others basically have to yield to our destructive vices and desires. We humans will truly get our just desserts in the end. Forgive me for rambling but this is something too close to my heart.

  • FirstLastName

    My girlfriend and I are training for a run coming up in a month and we had a 7 mile scheduled on Sunday. For some reason it was a hard run, the sun was beating down on us while were pounded the pavement. Towards the end of the run- we were feeling pretty tired and off in the dstance we see a couple geese crossing the street. As we run closer we can see it is about 10 geese and they have about 15 babies in tow. We had to stop just to admire them and wonder at the impossibility. We herded them off the road and into a dirt lot so they would not get run over.

    We were running in a hot, all pavement, quiet industrial area with very little shade, having a tough run, and these geese were just minding their own business, cruising the street. We did not even know of a pond or lake nearby. It struck us both - the contrast with the nature and the pavement.

    Anyway - it made us smile and we ended our run on a upbeat note.

  • kazar

    Hey, I feel the same emotions as all of you toward animals and even some bugs. Hate to see anything get killed. I am afraid of spiders since my son got bitten by a recluse and almost lost his leg--still, I don't go out of my way to kill them. I try to shoo them outside of the house, otherwise I take a paper towel and try to gently grab them and throw them out the window. Don't know if they survive or not--I'm too racked with guilt to look. As for the strays I see everywhere, it breaks my heart. If a dog or cat is not in my yard I will feed it and give it water. Not in my yard though because I know they will come back and I have one dog and one cat already. I used to take bread to work with me and feed the birds outside of the building which resulted in a big fight between the building manager and me. I told him to show the the city ordinance which forbade feeding them and he didn't so I still feed them. City life is tough on critters.

  • sooner7nc

    I love animals as well. I love them so much that I eat their flesh and wear their skin. I love the "pest" animals(rats, pigeons, etc.) so much that I kill as many as I can. Let the cries of anguish and righteous indignation flow.

    Now, if you want to talk about dogs...I love dogs and have 2 of them and treat them with love and affection and when my 12 year old Chihuahua died recently I cried like a baby. I absolutely adored her. R.I.P. dearest Daisy

  • sooner7nc
  • prophecor

    Black Sheep, the video was amaxing!!! Considering the life span of most Monarchs, to take the time, care and concern for a not too lowly insect was wonderful to see. I watched the PBS special on the flight of the Monarch Butterfly. Thier ability to fly such incredible distances is a testimony to Jehovah's design and craftsmanship in another area we humans may take for granted.

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