Ever do drugs while in the organization?

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  • FifthOfNovember

    I only ever drank while I was still attending meetings. But I seriously considered trying LSD or Shrooms. I came really close to trying shrooms once with my friend but we never got around to calling someone to sell us some. I also, considered ecstacy a few times. I've never considered anything like heroin or meth, those are waaay too dangerous. I also considered MJ for about a day but for some reason I'm just not into that.

    Any of you ever try or want to try drugs while you were still in the organization?

  • outlawwilly

    Nope, but after going of the deep end after I left the borg I had a stint with ex in my clubbing days. Closest thing I did to drugs in the borg was drink a few wobblypops after working on the assembly hall and kingdom hall builds.

  • DesirousOfChange

    But I didn't inhale.

  • Iamallcool

    nope. I have never done any drugs in my lifetime.

  • prophecor

    Not as a Baptised member. As a study I became involved early in my teen years, though. Worst mistake ever. One Saturday night after a Special Assembly in the fall of 1978, I tore through a nickle bag of weed. I had my brains deep fried. Nervous breakdown. Introduction into the Psychiatric System. It's taken over 30 years to get my balance back. I was convinced for over 20 of those years that it was because of the demons. Now I only associate with me walking into the perfect storm. MH issues on several fronts in my family history was never taken into consideration. It's good to be free from the mental prison in my head. It's hard sometimes, however, to stay out of the cell once you've been released.

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    I went to the book-studies in the KH while stoned out of my mind. This was when I was df'd. Even stoned, I still didn't really believe any of it. Maybe thats a sign? I can tell you that a few tokes of the Mary and I'm able to think alot more clearly. Once I had a family, I went to the meetings buzzed on beer plenty of times. Again, it didn't make the pills any easier to swallow. I did however have an elder tell me that he was able to become a MS after he laid off the beer, implying that I should do the same. I went home and tossed a few back that night. So much for that.

  • manthedan

    Yes I was “lovingly disciplined” several times for weed.

    On one occasion I tried Shrooms and it was a very fun experience. I was afraid that trying shrooms might cause some kind of demon problems but a friend explained to me that I was not deserving of demonic trouble because I am not a bad person or trying to hurt people in life so why would demons bother me. Anyway it was a very visual and mental thinking experience that I do recommend trying at least once if that’s your kind of thing. I can honestly say it opened my mind to see all the hypocrisy going on not just in the congregation but everywhere.

    only done those two "drugs"

    I heard E is like shrooms but not a "visual" experience like shrooms, its "feeling" expericence.

    Something I want to do is go to a Kingdom Hall blazzed off Shrooms and laugh my ass off! That be sooo Fun!

  • Satanus

    Um, yah. Actually, did some time for it, while a jw. Totally fessed up, afterwards. Got off w public reproof. Became a good, loyal jw for the next 30 or so yrs.


    I know 2 guys who went totally crackers for a day or two, after the first time they did the stuff. It rips the lid off stuff that people have pushed down. So, it's good for a noob to start gradually, just in case. People who tend towards schizophrenia might be better not to touch it.


  • unshackled

    Haulin Oates: I can tell you that a few tokes of the Mary and I'm able to think alot more clearly.

    I enjoyed the mary jane while still in, but was starting my fade. But I agree with Haulin, while toking it opened my mind up to really start to question things. It was quite incredible really. Helped me to start to see the things that I had only vaguely felt.

    manthedan: I heard E is like shrooms but not a "visual" experience like shrooms, its "feeling" expericence.

    I tried ecstacy once. The very last district convention I attended me and my buddy up and left on the first morning. Couldn't handle it, so we never went back that weekend. Later that night we found ourselves trying some E with some chicks in a club. Was quite the night.

    COme to think of it...I think that was the last time I ever went to a JW function. Out with a bang.

  • prophecor

    Thanx Satanus. It was a life changing experience. Some of us are probably genetically predisposed to mental illness and should never take to doing drugs ever. It's a miracle I made it came back at all. Was in the ether zone for over a week before getting any help. Over 30 years ago and it still feels just like yesterday.

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