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  • Nice_Dream

    I was thrilled with my necklace from Tiffany's...those boxes!!! But I couldn't believe how much it cost for a silver necklace.

    I would love a great quality diamond ring or jewelry from Costco too...especially if I didn't know it was from Costco. They have some nice sparkly jewelry online so you can compare prices.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I'm addicted to Tiffany's blue boxes. If you live near a Tiffany's or Cartier's, you could purchase stationery, whatever the cheapest item is in the store. Stationery or crystal most of the time. Buy jewelry some place else and stick in the box. Problem is she may want the actual jewelry box. I'd love a gift box just by itself. Crystal is affordable.

    A friend who had money went to Tiffany's. Some German lady with her husband was buying clunky pieces. They were waited on first b/c no man was present with us. She had to catch a plane to San Francisco so we walked a few blocks uptown to the Diamond District. It is not glamorous at all. Any romantic conceptions about diamonds go down the drain. She bought the same ring without the Tiffany name and saved $7,000.

    I hate mall jewelry and Cartier, etc. is definitely not affordable. If anyone knows where to go in the middle, I'd like to know. The mall jewelry is so bad, I'd rather put that money towards a better piece.

    I've heard good word of mouth about Blue Nile.

    Have you thought Hermes scarf, Louis-Vuitton, Chanel, etc.

  • TD

    I've appreciated all the ideas. I never would have thought of all this by myself.

  • WhatWasIThinking

    The advice to buy used is good. When my fiance took off I tried to sell the ring and the best offer was far below what I had paid. Jewelry pops up frequently on craigslist. If the seller is really interested in selling it they will let you get an independent appraisal. You can have the metal melted down and remade into a new piece and just reuse the stone.

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