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    I will make you a $100 bet I can predict right now, who will be making excuses on 05/22/11. Perhaps even claiming they prayed so hard that God spared us. LOL

  • the_raisin

    Well, just in case it happens I will happily feast (re: pig out) with In n Out Animal Style burgers!!!

    And a shake. I must go the whole nine yards! After all, it's the end of the woooooorld!

    And if I wake up the next morning bloated and slightly lazy, well, at least I survived the so called armageddon AND I had In N Out!!!

  • finallysomepride

    marked my calendar

  • the_raisin

    finallysomepride: HAHAHAHA your avatar... it's just so awesome!!! (off topic ooops)

  • ldrnomo

    I've got 5 grand that says it's not going to happen. Anybody wanna bet?


    It might be a terrible day May 21 ,2011 for Mr Camping if it happens what you try to convey.

    He teaches a horrible heresy that Jesus is God the Father ! Read 1 Timothy 2.5 that was written long after Jesus was taken to heaven .

    Jesus is the man that is called God figuratively .Great men in Israel were called gods and Jesus is number 1 god ;so in the English language it is proper to call him God but that doesn't mean he is God Yahweh .

    The only true God is the Father of Jesus - John 17.3 .

    Jehovah's Witnesses taught that for decades and their predecessors the International Bible Students were doing the same .

    From the very beginning they both taught there was no literal hot hell .

    Harold Camping in the year 2007 AD almost 20 years after 1988 AD when the church era ended according to him was still teaching hot hell in the most cruel way imaginable .Small children that were not chosen by God ( almost all ) were going to suffer horrible torments throughout the eternity . The damage he had done was huge .He painted God of the Bible in such terrible way . Would God Yahweh wanted his servant to teach such horrible doctrines ?

    Examine before May 21 ,2011 AD kicks in my posts on this discussion forum .

    Go to a google group alt.religion.jehovahs-witn and find my posts .

    [email protected] .

    There is a better date in place now : September 29 ,2011 AD ; Even the October 21 ,2011 AD which can be the earliest 17th day of the second month in a year is a better date in view than May 21,2011 AD.

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  • WTWizard

    I'm ready--for this sucker selloff in silver to violently end with $6,000 silver (and beyond), the dollar to become toilet paper, a fake energy crisis to start resulting in needless blackouts, the S-510 law passed last year to result in famines and raids on small food operations, Osama ObamaCare to result in massive doctor shortages (and possibly mandatory doctor checkups with results enforced by the IRS, including taking your medication), the IRS 1099 forms to be required for every transaction, and eventually mass human enslavement.

    However, I doubt it will all hit on May 21, 2011. I am thinking we will see it toward the end of June or early July. However, we might see the spike in silver prices to $6,000 per ounce on or around May 21, if that is the futures and options expiration date for all the contracts.

  • cantleave

    Armageddon will not happen on May 21 ,2011 AD most likely . The best date in alignment with dating historic events is the fall calendar with the Rosh Hashana beginning a new year.

    This year September 29 is the day of Rosh Hashana .It would coincide with the beginning of a new era .

    We will have 23 -year period before the 1000-year Sabbath begins in 2034 AD.

    It could even be a period of the Great Tribulation which is strikingly similar to the 23-year period : 1988 AD - 2011 AD .

    We must wait and see what is going to happen this fall .

    The latest date for Jesus' coming this year is November 13 preceded by November 12 which is also a prediction date .

    Camping carries numerous faulty interpretations of the Bible verses . The sway on the endtime lies in the hands of Jehovah's Witnesses and the International Bible Students before them and some individuals today that are not against these two as these two are linked to the spiritual building of the Ark for 120 years .

    The sign of Noah's time is not a period of 7000 years as Harold Camping depicts it .The period of 120 years must be posted and those who are linked to that period and these two above-mentioned organizations can be positively identified to this 120 years of building the Ark that brings salvation .

    The last days it is what Peter was writing in 2 Peter 3 ;not 7000 years !The last days are 2000 years as each day from the time when Jesus lived and taught a new religion is like 1000 years .

    11 AD + 2000 years = 2011 AD .

    120 years is from 2 BC to 119 AD and now from 1884 AD to 2004 AD and 7 years extra are for 7 days - Genesis 7.1-4 ; Ezekiel 4.6 :

    one day as one year.

    2004 AD + 7 years = 2011 AD.

    The date for the Noah's Flood is 2372 BC .This is a code God Yahweh wanted us to use in decoding the endtimes just as codes are used in the army.

    2372 BC breakes into two parts : 23 and 72 .

    We must locate these time gaps in our times to know more our times are like Noah's time .

    23 years and 72 years must be properly fitted and we must know how dates were established before .

    1878 AD + 72 years = 1950 AD . 1988 AD + 23 years = 2011 AD .

    1950 AD - 1988 AD = 38 years . 38 years can be broken into two eqaul parts : 19 years .

    1950 AD + 19 years = 1969 AD . 1969 AD + 19 years = 1988 AD .There must be people or persons linked these dates :

    1878 AD,1950 AD,1969 AD,1988 AD,2011 AD .The lives of these people must be linked to the true service to God Yahweh .

    72 years - 23 years = 49 years which represents Jesus' name which in the Hebrew resembles seven sevens : 7 x7 = 49 .

    It also serves in establishing a jubilee years every 49 years .

    1988 AD is linked to the 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD.

    49 years back in time we have :

    1935 AD - 1939 AD - 1942 AD . Jehovah's Witnesses are linked to this 7-year period .

    And the period : 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD was identified by God's power ,wisdom and grace to whom it belongs .

    And this way Luke 9.49-50 came into fruition . People linked to these two sets of 7-year periods are empowered by God Yahweh to announce the very endtime. .

    To God Yahweh who is God of the Bible belongs power and glory as we are nothing as we see how marvelous God is He when we understand the numbers given in the Bible . Amen.

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