from the latest awake - not exactly the wicked worldlies

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  • therevealer
  • therevealer

    I found this to be actually quite accurate as to the real world, BUT does this article not in effect make thier constant harping on the wicked world and worldlings just plain wrong (and of course we know it is) But here they for once allow an accurate picture to emerge. It accurately points out that there are indeed many challenges that present themselves on the road to a happy and fulfilling life. Things that are not brought about in ones life simply because they are doing wrong in their lives.

    anywho, what do you think.

  • LostGeneration

    What is the point of this, Awake writer?

    Are you just trying to say "Life sucks" or is it "Life sucks if you are rich and Life sucks if you are poor"

    What a ridiculous article - This is the best they have to recruit the public?

    Oh wait, I have to read ahead four or five pages where life doesn't suck if you become a cult recruiter, because "soon" you will witness everyone die while you get to live into the paradise.

    The Awake is like Old Yeller, someone needs to take that dog outside and put it down for good. I bet is happens in the next five years as Jehovah simplifies, the WT cuts costs yet again.

  • therevealer

    I guess you didn't get the point I was making, LOL. Usually they make the fact that life can be tough the fault of the individual. Here they inadvertently, I believe, make the point (against their normal ranting) that life, just normal everyday life can be damn tough. Anyway was just my two bits worth.

  • undercover

    This is an Awake! article. Awake! is not as hardline as the Kool-Aid versions of the WT. It's written in a way so as to appeal (hopefully) to outsiders. Like LG alluded to, it's a recruitment article.

    Once you're sucked in, then they indoctrinate you with the "The world is evil" and "Worldly people suffer because they don't love Jehovah" nonsense.

  • LostGeneration

    No I got your point..I looked at it from the view of the "worldly" who had this thing dumped in his door on a Saturday morning and started to thumb through it.

    I agree, if it were a Kool-aid WT, all of the fault would be laid at the foot of the JW. Its always their fault that things are difficult, never the fault of the WT who gave them all kinds of bad advice.

  • designs

    It highlights the basic flaw in Christianity- You need a sinful wicked human race to justify the Second Coming and the destruction of the human race.

  • cheerios

    if its an awake, why does it say july 1 watchtower on the bottom of the page?

  • maninthemiddle

    Becuase it is the Watchtower, but it is still the public edition.

  • ballistic

    Well, I have Viktor E Frankel's book right here and the first book, (it's a book of two halves) describes his life in a concentration camp. It's a motivational book and I can absolutely assure you that Viktor E Frankel's take on life is not "meaninglessness and emptiness", infact without even looking for the exact quote I can tell you the book itself is called "mankind's search for meaning" and the whole point of the book is that life IS NOT meaningless. Jeeez I want to shout for a minute. Where's my soapbox???

    If anyone wants me to look up the exact quote, I will do so, but this is definately another quote taken out of context of the author.

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