Why a publishing company and not a news channel

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    Dam WasBlind!..Your right..

    No KFC or Sex in the New System..

    There going to be a lot of Alchoholics in the New System..

    ................ ...OUTLAW

  • MrFreeze

    OUTLAW that will be perfect as many JWs now are alcoholic. Why do you think they pray for holy spirits?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I love that God only communicates with white people comment. It is almost as funny as advice to string some cheap rosary beads across the doorknob of a local KH to signal your new freedom.

    Seriously, I've seen one or two black Jesuses b/c I walked in heavily black neighborhoods. Jesus remains a blue eyed, blonde haired emaciated figure in my mind. He also wears bright, bright white, not even ivory or cream robes. I was quite the counterculture maven in high school. When I purchased a poster of a hippie being bored in church, I hung it on my wall. Years passed and it became a topic of conversation. My mom called it my Jesus poster and I said what Jesus poster. My family had to break the news to me that my hippie was jesus.

    He was probably brawny, and definitely Seminitic and not very tall. It freaks me out a bit. We laughed at REmbrand't nativity with the Renaissance Dutch bourgeous family. We all know Jesus' looked like a Renaissance painting. DaVinci. Raphael. Giotto. Duccio. Ah.

    There is a lot of truth to the publishing company comments. I always thought it was just a historical manifestation but why do they continue? How cheap is a Facebook page and Twitter account. Would God be less holy if he twittered? We don't want our God to be God but some dated '50s old guy.

  • wasblind

    " No KFC or Sex in the New System.. "


    Pssh, told Ya !!!! I refuse to be part of a " meatless " society

    It ain't natural

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