Why a publishing company and not a news channel

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  • Pika_Chu

    @Wasblind My sentiments exactly.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    They might actually be successful in reaching a larger number of people. But that isn't really the objective anymore, no matter what they claim. The objective is to keep the rank and file distracted. If the WTS were to use all the media outlets at their disposal, the average JW would see how ineffectual the door-to-door work really is.

  • wasblind

    So very true Keyser soze


  • undercover
    The other question would be if God is capable of communicationg with everyone, why would He use an impersonal object like a publishing company instead of just communicating with each person individually. I mean seriously I can talk to people, why can't God to each person, who is all powerful. Does He need a publishing company to do his work for Him?

    Jehovah should have waited on better technology to come along. I'm surprised he didn't see it coming, being omnipotent and all.

    He chose the WTS to "publish the good news and then the end will come" yet this publishing company has not made much headway in communist countries or Islamic countries.

    Instead of picking C T Russell and the WTS as his method of publishing the good news, Jehovah should have waited on Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook.

    Since its launch in 2004, it has connected the world and is the catalyst for sweeping changes in nations where people seek for changes to their leaders and laws.

    Just imagine if Jehovah had used Facebook and Twitter to publish the good news. He'd be done with that part and could concentrate on starting Armageddon and getting on with the New System instead of having to overlap generations that were promised the end by now.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Why does he only reveal himself to white people?

  • kurtbethel

    Their methods give lie to their claim of spreading the gospel to the entire inhabited world. If they were serious about such a mission then there would be shortwave signals beamed to all the lands from them, much the same as other organizations that ARE serious about it. There would be satellite channels, a WT channel on cable, and a scan of the local radio dial would turn up one of more WT preachers on AM and FM. But there is not. There is only people reluctantly plodding from door to door with printed material that is written in a confusing and nonsensical manner.

    where is Jehovah? Jehovah: Missing on shortwave world radio?

    shortwave to china

  • wasblind

    " Why does he only reveal himself to white people?"

    Hey Mad,

    do you mean why do he show himself to crazy people like

    Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite ????

    that goes to show anybody can claim anything


    As long as White Folks are in charge of KFC..

    God And Jesus will reveal themselves mostly to White Folks..

    ................ ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    Hey Outlaw,

    I got news for you, some bad news,

    you can only pet chickens in paradise

    so the colonel need to do some talkin'

    to Jesus or he'll be supplyin' pet chickens only

    I ain't steppin' in all that chicken shit

  • wasblind


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