Elder arrested for stalking

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  • iceguy

    Jam your right about the elders that tried to do the right thing and left, some of them are right here on this board and are very helpful.

    Skeeter1 and Carla thanks for that advice. If I can't attend I will search the court case online.

  • iceguy

    Wow!!! What a soap opera! I just found out he told his wife he does not love her anymore, beat her to the point she had to go to the hospital and he likes some other woman and has been stalking her. I also understand the abuse of his wife had been going on for sometime. I can honestly say I never thought he would ever do something like this. I feel bad for his wife and kids.

  • Refriedtruth

    keep us posted

  • RayPublisher

    When I was an elder we had a couple situations where they wanted someone to do a "stakeout". It was part of an investigation, they had a report that a brother was sleeping around but couldn't prove it. He was of course ducking us, not answering his phone, etc.

    They wanted me to go down at 5:45 am and wait for him at his shop, that kind of junk. I said "sorry guys, there's NO WAY I'm gonna do a stakeout- I got better things to do, like take care of my family. I'm not a policeman."

    They looked at me like I was from Mars...and then two other elders volunteered...

  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat

    Do they really have 'stakeouts' like this?? I remember just after I woke up, and meetings were hit and miss for me, and my husband was working across the state, and we were preparing to move, I got called into the backroom. I was told that 'someone' had informed the elders that a man was seen going into my house after midnight one evening, and that he was there for more than an hour, and then asked if I had anything to say about it.

    I just started laughing... That 'man' was my cousin Jim, who lived two doors over from me, and had come by after he'd got off work, to see what he could do to help me with a half plugged toilet!! I was told that the situation didn't 'look' good having him at the house that late at night. Oh brother! I asked WHO it wouldn't look good too, as all of our neighbors knew we were cousins and were use to seeing us at each others house all the time!

    The matter was dropped. But I did wonder who would have reported that to the elders?? Who also would have known how long he was inside my house? Now I wonder if I could I have been the victim of a 'stakeout'?

  • Morbidzbaby
    Desert Rat - The matter was dropped. But I did wonder who would have reported that to the elders?? Who also would have known how long he was inside my house? Now I wonder if I could I have been the victim of a 'stakeout'?

    Could've been anyone. If you weren't well-liked or were kind of on the fringe, they could have asked a kiss-ass Ministerial Servant who was clamoring to be an elder to do it. Could've been one of the elders themselves. You just never know.

    I stopped caring what other people thought a long time ago. Let them see me doing whatever and try to say "it looks bad". I was out with a few friends (one of whom I had a sort-of friends-but-more thing with) and we were at a restaurant. Now, the guy I was "with" was DEFINITELY worldly-looking. Longish hair, Rob Zombie t-shirt, earings all up one ear, more tattoos than bare skin, goatee, etc. Seated at the table right next to us were 2 elders. One from my former congregation, and one from the congregation that shared that hall. I knew them both. They looked at me oddly like "what is she doing with these people?" and just kept shooting glances at me and speaking in hushed tones. So finally, I got sick of it, got up to go into the bar for a drink, turned around and got right up close to the guy's ear and said in a murmur "those 2 guys behind me are JW elders..." He said "Oh really? Are you gonna be in trouble for being out with me?" So I said "I really don't care anymore. I'm not doing anything wrong!". After that, I gave him a HUGE smooch on the cheek, and said "I'll be right back"...he whacked my ass as I walked away lol.

    About 2 days later, I started getting calls from elders in my own congregation...and a few drop-ins. I refused to talk. Little do they know, the guy was never my boyfriend. We liked each other, but he decided he wanted my best friend instead (ouch), so we were never an item lol. But we WERE close friends and would kiss on the lips and hug, etc, even when he started dating her. She didn't care because he was MY friend before he was HERS.

    I guess what I'm saying is that someone will always make things out to be what they are not IF they want you to get in trouble for any reason. It's why the elder's manual gives an "example" of a single woman having a man alone in her apartment for an extended time or overnight. Who the hell would know unless they were being watched?? And furthermore, who is to say that the guy didn't just need a shoulder to cry on and they spent the whole night talking? Men and women can be friends without it getting physical. To me, giving that example is a covert way of the GB saying "Look, if you suspect it and can catch them in the act with JUST this, you have a case". It's encouraging espionage.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    HAHA Laverite!

    Unfortunately I have not been able to file invasion of privacy charges against my elder as of yet...the "cease and desist" letter to him which I also filed at the area police department must have helped-

    I am actually moving today about 50 minutes away...out of the cong and out of the circuit- so now I am somebody else's problem.

    Yes, you can fight stalking today :)


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Jw's think they can read peoples hearts and that is why they are so judgemental. I have never in my life been around a group of people more judgemental than them.

    Ain't that the truth? And they deny that they're being judgmental at all. Like they twist everything else, they call it love. Recently a deluded Dub twisted reality even further by telling me that I am shunningthem by not going to the KH anymore. You can't even argue with that sort of thinking.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Back when I was a single dubster I rented a house with a "brother" who was separated from his wife. He wanted to get a "scriptural divorce" so he decided to stalk his wife to see if she was have sex with anyone. He'd bought a disquise consisting of a wig and sunglasses and had plans of going to her house and peeking in her windows to see what she was up to. He wanted me to go a long as witness when he caught her in the act. I thought he was crazy and told him no. After living with him about a month I could see why his wife left him and ran for the door myself.

    Maybe calling the police is a the best way of dealing with this nonsense. I think if I felt they were watching me I'd put a sign in my window that stated that stalking is illegal and sight whatever statute I could find that would apply.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    They are in such cult thinking, and feel that all those bible passages need to be taken literally that they actually see nothing wrong with stalking, staking out & spying on the private lives of adult people.

    Think About It

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