"See! See? Just as like the bible says! earthquakes are increasing!"

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  • highdose

    which is what a dub said to me today. I would like to come back to him with evidence that they are not. Does anyone have any helpful links they could post to refute this?

    Yes the dubs are going crazy with joy at the thought of the 1000's being killed and having their lives destoryed by the earthquake/ tunsmai.

    >.... the end is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close! better get out there and sell some more magazines then(!)

  • sabastious

    I love the "don't shoot the messenger" argument Witnesses have. It really does defy common sense.


  • AnonJW

    Yes the dubs are going crazy with joy at the thought of the 1000's being killed and having their lives destoryed by the earthquake/ tunsmai.

    I'm not and I am still "in" at the moment and I know of many genuine JW's that wont be going crazy. However, these occurrences will cause some to question if there is an increase.


  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    Sorry, I don't have any links for you. However, if the JW really said the bible says earthquakes will be increasing, then they didn't read closely enough. The scripture merely says "earthquakes in one place after another." There's no indication there will be any more or less than before.

  • Heaven

    If one lives near "The Ring of Fire" one has to expect earthquakes and resulting tsunamis to occur regularly in their lifetime.

  • superpunk

    If they come at you with that, say "Don't you believe this earth was perfectly designed to support life on it?" Of course. "So why is it constantly trying to kill us all?"

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Japan is very much like New Zealand.

    They are both being pushed up by moving tectonic plates.

    They are both eroding into the sea.

    If they stopped having earthquakes they would eventually erode away and disappear beneath the waves.

    So .... If Jehovah stops making earthquakes, do us Kiwis have to move to Australia when we run out of land? Will the Japanese have to move to China?

    In Paradise, which laws of physics will Jehovah alter to prevent erosion turning Japan and New Zealand into submerged reefs?

  • wasblind

    JW's are the only group that I personally know of that look to occassions

    as this to express their joy In hopes of the big "A". Normal activities that make everyday life joyful

    are considered sinful and bad and must always be a " conscience choice " which

    means you should feel guilty about doin' things that are normal

    Just look at their Illustrations, They almost always have people smiling, in the most horriffic circumstances

    that's not normal, by no means.

    Question: Would anyone in their right mind be smiling at the scene of a crime or accident or natural disaster ?

  • miseryloveselders

    Bible doesn't say earthquakes would increase, only that there would be earthquakes in one place after another, or various places.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Good point Misery!

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