I feel great today!

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  • RobertT18
    I'm saving for one. Can't wait to start doing this, gonna be fun.
  • HappyDad

    All my life I wanted a Harley Davidson but being a dub stopped anything joyful. After I started my fade in the very early 2000's a full dress Harley FLTC (biggest you can get with bags, tour pack, radio, fairing, etc.) came into my life in 2002. At the time I was 54 years old. I joined the local HOG club and had many enjoyable rides on the highway. On October 4th 2003 I went for a local ride by myself and gassed up on my way home so I could be ready for a long ride to Columbus, Ohio from the Pittsburgh area where I lived. We were going to the American Motorcycle Museum the next day, Sunday.

    Three blocks from my home, an 86 year old man ran a stop sign and T-boned (broadsided) me. Totaled the bike and I wound up in the trauma unit. Unbelievable...but nothing was broken. His car missed touching my body. The only hurt I had was landing after flying some feet. I was released the next day but limped and ached for a few weeks after.

    I haven't been on two wheels since. lol

    Dubby, enjoy yourself. Do everything you always wanted to do but couldn't while being a dub.


  • Tenacious

    Oh I remember those lines!

    "Don't worry preach now and in paradise you'll be able to travel the world."

    I used to hear brothers and sisters putting off orthodontics, weight loss, and body deformities until "paradise".......

    ........30 years later, they are still waiting.

    They depended so much on the predictions of the Society and still nothing.

    Forget that!

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