Revelation Prophecy Fulfillments According to WTS.......How Long Has it Been?

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  • neverendingjourney

    Good point.

    But you can take this logic and go back in farther. Does the Watchtower really believe that Jehovah had Russell and his followers preaching to a bunch of people in the 1880s who would ALL die before Armageddon?

    What about 1919? Does the Watchtower really believe that Jesus selected Rutherford and the Bible Students as the "faithful and discreet slave" in 1919 even though 99.99% of the people alive back then (who would be able to discern their message) are now dead?

    Their eschatology may have been internally consistent ("made sense") back in Russell's day, but every time the Watchtower has had to make an adjustment due prophetic failure, it's become less and less so. They are working off of a prophetic outline established 80-100 years ago, an outline that contemplated the coming of Armageddon many decades ago. They would be better of scrapping the whole damn thing and starting all over. It seems they've decided against that and have been slowly making minor changes hoping that their followers won't notice. It's working!

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    Thanks drewcoul,

    I am downloading the talk now.

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