Revelation Prophecy Fulfillments According to WTS.......How Long Has it Been?

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  • drewcoul

    I recently listened to an old Fred Franz talk that I found online that I remember attending when I was 11 in 1983 in Indianapolis. Since I remembered that I didn't follow what he was saying back then, I wanted to listen to it and see if I could understand it now. (The only difference is he still doesn't make much sense, but now I know it wasn't just because I was too young to understand at the time.)

    He mentioned how the 4th bowl of Revelation was poured out in 1925 in Indianapolis, and the sun became scorching in fulfillment of Rev.16:8,9.

    This also coincided with the 4th Trumpet blast of Rev. 8:12.

    This led to me getting out my old, underlined, and studied copy of the Revelation Climax book. In it, I noticed that it seems there are no fulfillments of trumpet blasts, vials being poured out, or really any other signifigant happenings since about 1935. This means that those of the generation who could witness any of these supposed fulfillments are at least 76 years old.

    Has the WTS claimed any fulfillment of Revelation since the early 20th century?

    Do they believe there has been nothing happening in the way of biblical prophecy for nearly 80 years?

    It seems that if they were correct in their understanding, those who were around during the trumpet blasts would still be around at armageddon, since these were supposedly a warning to the nations, and to religious leaders. So, what they are saying is people who heard the trumpet blasts, and the bowls being poured out and ignored it will be resurrected for the most part since most have already died before armageddon. However, those who have been born since have never heard the trumpet blasts, or the bowls being poured out, yet they will die at armageddon without hearing the warnings.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They've wised up and not putting their @$$ on the line with dates anymore.

  • VM44

    Hi drewcoul,

    What is the name of the talk?

    Do you have a link it? I would like to download it.


  • drewcoul


    Here's a link to the talk.

    And here's a link to a whole host of talks from special talks, to Circuit Assembly parts, to DC talks.....I was able to find some people I remember and the talks they gave. (one of whom is now a Circuit Overseer) It was enjoyable to listen to my old friend who's now a CO because he really is a loving and caring person who is really good at giving talks.

  • drewcoul

    BTT for VM

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I think they're setting up a bit of noo lite in which they compare themselves to Joshua and Caleb with the Israelites in the wilderness. They have already mentioned that those elderly ones who aren't doing as much "service" and are disappointed that they spent a life of servitude while the end hasn't come are like the Israelite complainers who wanted to return to Egypt. I can see them making a parallel between Joshua/Caleb, the two witnesses of Revelation, and their two-tiered Borganization. Just as only two of the original Israelites and vast mixed company who left Egypt got to enter the promised land, only a very small number of those who saw the fulfillment of the Revelation prophecies will be alive when Armageddon comes. The rest will have all been born in the wilderness, so to speak.

    They have an answer for pretty much everything. They suck.

  • drewcoul

    They have an answer for pretty much everything. They suck.


  • thetrueone

    He mentioned how the 4th bowl of Revelation was poured out in 1925 in Indianapolis

    Fred Franz was the same involving idiot that calculated 6000 years from Adam existence up to 1975. ( an impossibility by the way )

    He obviously was the type who found that creating dates of significance was a useful tool, to heighten and spur fear among the

    followers, hastening the selling of the WTS. literature. $$$ Franz was a marketting excutive of a diferant style to be sure.

    Proselytizing in this method does show what kind of corruption has been operating at the head of this organization though.

  • thetrueone

    The WTS. has always been a Apocalyptic fear mongering religious publishing cult , anyone who cant see that is a idiot unto themselves.

  • potleg

    When you read or hear anything by Fred Franz you soon discover that he was one of those nutty individuals who could put his foot in his mouth while his head was up his a$$.

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