am I welcome here?...I am not JW

by Jokemyster 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jokemyster

    or an apostate..hate that term..I walked away from it, I dont believe any of it anymore. So who is going to be the first to tell me to leave so as not to taint the board?
    I am 48 female married 30 yrs to same man, very moral, no drugs no alcohol no smokes..just common plain Jane here..since I dont believe does this make me bad association..if it does I laugh in your having said that and getting past this, sounds like so many here are disgruntled..if so why do you stay? why do you need a man to lead you, can not you let your consciense and heart be your guide?
    I think (no I know) the end for me was when my grandma died, she was as fine a person that ever lived, she raised 12 kids, was a hard working moral person, never ever did one thing wrong, and they tell me she wasnt good enough to inherit this earth..she will be reserrected and given another chance..WHAT crap, her god, my god knows she was a fine person, so what other chance? huh? dont get I asked about this and the bottom line was well she wasnt a JW..well what does that have to do with it?, so I asked so many questions and was told to pray or go out in service more (none of it helped) and no one wanted me around as I constantly asked questions, with no satisfactory answers..they just started telling everyone I was "bad association" hahahaha what crap, miss moral married for ever and ever was bad association because she asked questions, because she thought for herself..
    why cant YOU people start asking questions, and stop relying on WBTS for the answeres?

  • claudia

    I agree about asking questions, also I want to ask you to stay even if some dont like it!

  • Seven

    welcome Jokemyster! My heart is my guide and it's guiding me to hold onto my family for as long as I
    can. It has nothing to do with questions that I may have.

    hello claudia nice to see you again.

  • Jokemyster

    thank you for the welcome..what do you mean hold onto your family for as long as you can?

  • Seven

    Jokemyster,My parents and siblings are none to pleased that I remain unbaptised. If I were ever to stop attending meetings I would become a non-entity.

  • Scorpion


    I do not want you to leave. I am a Jehovah's Witness and understand what you are saying. Maybe it is the way that the questions are asked that puts one in the light of bad association. I am not saying you were rude or haughty in the way you asked whatever questions you asked.

    I would really be interested in the questions you asked, and the replies you got. If I can, I would try to answer them.

    Going out in service can be a blessing if done with balance as far as putting priorities first. I myself have to admit I neglected my family for not putting them first when it came to service. I pioneered 4 years.

    I hope you post again and add a few of those questions you asked.

  • Simon

    Hi Jokemyster
    We're trying to make this board as friendly and welcoming as possible to anyone who wants to participate
    So yes, you're perfectly welcome to join in and it's good too have you with us to share you're views and experiences.

  • RedhorseWoman

    I tried to reply to you last night just as the server crashed. I notice my reply didn't go through. :(

    In any event, feel free to join in the discussion...I'm sure you'll have many interesting points to contribute.

  • waiting

    Hey, Jokemyster, I also am married to the same man for 20 yrs, 3 kids not in the Truth, and my husband are questioning a lot of things.

    However, because we both are outspoken to the point of being literate rednecks, we aren't toooooo popular with our elders. Oh, well.

    Welcome to our open room - I don't know the others too well, but they seem to be a open-minded group, thank goodness!!

  • TruckerGB

    Hi Jokemyster

    I am also a non and never has been,There are a fair few on this board,so worry not,I came here through a good friend who is an ex JW to learn,I grew up in a fairly stifeling religious way(father a vicar)and it has been suprising how some issues here cross paths,and I made some new friends along the way.


    Take care,


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