What does a demon or an evil spirit look like?

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  • sabastious
    Has anyone ever seen one? No they havent..because they dont exsist.

    Here's my paraphrased take on the Supernatural[0]:

    [0] The Supernatural is described as unexplained phenomenon; no supernatural account has ever been fully explained[1]

    [1] Since these phenomenons cannot be fully explained, one of the following is true (list can be added to):

    A: The occurance(s) are part of a grander scheme orchestrated by God [2]
    B: The occurance(s) are part of a grander scheme orchestrated by Higher Forms of Intellegence [3] (not God)
    C: The occurance(s) are acts caused by an unknown entity or entities [4]
    D: The occurance(s) are not real (hallucination, dream etc)
    E: The occurance(s) are completely random and not observable by any life in existence except for the locals of the area

    [2] God is the intellegent cause of all existence

    [3] High forms of intellegence are entities of unknown origin that have abilities beyond that of human capability

    [4] "Unknown Entities" could be classified as any entity not specified under A or B including non-intellegent entities


  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Ok, Sab, but what does "it" LOOK like?

  • AGuest
    How can a spirit remain by another's permission??

    If anyone wants it to remain, it can, dear WS (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!). For example, in dear Finger's (peace to you, as well!) account, while he and his father might not have wanted it there, his grandfather... or granduncle... may have.

    Make sense? ALL must want it to leave. All it needs is permission from one. True, another can overcome that permission, but there may be more involved (for example, prayer and fasting, perhaps by more than one) to remove it.

    I hope this helps, dear one, and peace to you and your household!

    Your servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • watersprout

    The greatest love and peace to you Shel.

    So someone has to ''want'' that spirit to remain? Is that because another person wanting it to remain gives that ''evil spirit'' power??

    I think i understand! Thank you Shel

    Your fellow sister in Christ

  • AGuest
    So someone has to ''want'' that spirit to remain?

    In a manner of speaking, yes, dear one (again, peace to you!). I mean, it's not necessarily that they literally desire it/them to be there; however, they could, through certain wants/desires/conduct, etc., be allowing place for it/them, if that makes sense. They're not doing whatever they may need to do (i.e., control themselves, their thoughts, their anger, drinking, drugs, whatever is allowing such place)... in order to disallow it/them. And through this, yes, they give it/them the power to remain... and even take control, to some, perhaps even a great, extent.

    I think you understand. Again, peace to you!

    Your servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • watersprout

    I get it now! Thank you Shel. Just one more question? Can only the possessed person cause that ''spirit'' to stay or can someone else give it power to stay??

    Peace to you my sister. xx

  • AGuest
    Can only the possessed person cause that ''spirit'' to stay or can someone else give it power to stay??

    Greetings, dear WS, and the greatest of love and peace to you! If the possessed person does not desire the spirit to stay, he/she can remove it, themselves; however, if they are weak... or do not fully realize the possession... so that another's "will" is stronger than theirs, that other can give it power to remain. The possessed person doesn't HAVE to be stronger or fully realize the possession, though. Another... or others... whose [combined] will IS stronger than the one who desires the spirit to remain... can conquer and cast it out. Depending on how weak the possessed person is... and how strong the will for the one wishing the spirit to remain is... it might take more than one to overcome it... sometimes even with fasting and prayer. It depends.

    BUT... it is not a thing to be afraid of. It is not like in the movies where heads spin and backs bend... and green vomit is projected across the room. No floating in the air or opening/slamming doors/drawers and the like. The manifestation is with the person who is possessed. True, they may have certain "fits" and [appear to] throw themselves down, but that is because they are the ones being harmed. The reasoning of the spirit is that if it can cause enough fear people will back off. Even the possessed one will concede and allow it to remain just so the greater "trauma" (it seems) will cease.

    Can medication help? Again, yes. It can sedate the BODY as well as the mind, so that the spirit cannot have its will done. However, the medication won't release the spirit. It is still there and as soon as the medicine wears off will commence its antics again. Which is why such folks have to stay on medication perpetually.

    [Now, I understand that some will believe that that is "best" because they believe these things to be purely biological (and in some instances perhaps they are). Perhaps. If that is the case, however, it would seem that something... medication, surgery, something... would cure it. However, these are instances where, for all intents and purposes, "medicine" has NOT worked. Personally, I think that doing away with the CAUSE of the "illness", rather than just dealing with the SYMPTOMS is "best"... for the person. But doing what's "best" for "society" often outshadows what's "best" for an individual (surely, we can't have these people walking around without medication, although they do appear to be cured - what if they have a relapse and hurt someone? Oh, wait, they never hurt anyone else - only themselves, but still...)].

    But I'm just a servant and not a "medical expert", so...

    But, yes, dear one, someone else can give it power to stay. I would say to anyone who has this dilemma... don't ALLOW them to give it such power. If you are weak... ASK FOR HELP. It WILL be given you. Either directly or through others. And no, it is not through "hocus pocus" or medieval rituals such as exorcism or bloodletting - . The only "extreme" things that might be involved is prayer... and fasting (3-7 days). The fasting MUST be voluntary, however, as to the possessed person (although, they don't necessarily need to fast, indeed, they might not be able to); no one should ever arbitrarily withhold food from another person, for ANY reason. Won't work in such a case, anyway.

    I hope that helps, dear WS. Folks don't always realize that it is we who allow place for such things... either on our own behalf (through excessive alcohol, drugs, fear, etc.)... or on behalf of others (by putting fear in THEM; for example, in our children...).

    Peace to you!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • watersprout

    I understand now thank you Shelby.

    I didn't realize that if you are weak then someone can have that power over you so an ''evil spirit'' can stay! From my understanding so far, i have gathered that as long as we remain with God and show fruitages of the spirit then we can come to no harm, and that the ''evil spirits'' will stay away?? Have i got that right? Please correct me if i am wrong. I do not ''fear'' them, far from it! I can watch paranormal films and they do not bother me! But put on a vampire film and i have nightmares for weeks! lolololol

    Peace my sister xx

  • aquagirl

    Wow,Villabolo,how did you get those actual pics of demons!!!!!lol.Love it!!!!!1

  • aquagirl

    Gotta tell you tho.Demons,just like "god" is what we make in our own heads.So if you want to see god or a demon,just look in the mirror.

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