Called to be Free - Dissolution of the Worldwide Church of God

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  • dgp

    Great article, Randy. If only...

  • brotherdan

    It's taking quite a while to load up on here is a direct link to youtube.

  • Ding

    In CoC, Ray talks about how many of the GB had doubts about the 1914 chronology after the 1975 failure but circled the wagons instead of facing the truth.

    It is indeed miraculous that so many key leaders of the Worldwide Church of God came to similar conclusions at the same time AND had the humility to stand up in public and tell the faithful, "Our major doctrines are wrong."

    They lost power, prestige, money, followers...

    If only something similar would happen with the WTS!

  • pirata

    Great Video!

    [5:44] Armstrong predicts Jesus' return in 1975

  • brotherdan

    I like how on 32:20 or so, the guy talks about how they were almost "grace phobic". Isn't that the Watchtower? They are so afraid of loosening the rules. They have no trust of the "brotherhood".

  • brotherdan

    Uh oh....look closely at the upper left hand corner during this interview. See a familiar book?!?!? I hope he just uses it for apologetics...

  • moshe

    The WWCofGod didn't need many members as they were getting tithes from them and for the most part their meetings were in cheap rented facilities.

  • brotherdan

    They stopped getting all tithes. They had to shut down their university, their tv studios, and lost most of their members because they realized they were in error. This was a beautiful film!

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    The COG will be reborn and become bigger and stronger then ever, they will use this event as proof that they have gods direction and backing.

    I think these men are sincere, but now they are even more sincere, and more convinced of their correctness.

    Kudos to them for fessing up when they discovered their error, but they still believe they are under gods direction and are just as capable of effing up peoples lives.

    I am not impressed.

    What would impress me would be if they stopped "teaching" other people. They should disqualify themsleves from leading others, but they do not, they still believe in their own authority.

    They will continue to mess up peoples lives.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    As I type this, the ad at the top of this page has a big pic of Herbie and it says,

    He was right!

    Remembering five decades of accurate forecasting by Herbert Armstrong


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