What video games were banned when you were a JW teen?

by BlackTwisted 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BlackTwisted

    I'm not a JW, but i'm kind of studying to be one though.

    now that's out of the way, I remember Mortal kombat was banned within my home-my mom isn't too fond of blood in video games..but yet, she plays dinosaur crisis sometimes....But then again, that was when i was 9...LOL now that I'm 15 and i wanted Mortal kombat 9 (still) my mom stil lsaid no...but then again, she would let me play it online..i dont know why..its strange, but hey, whatever works for her and me i guess.

    um...lets see..any shooting games, or any games that has blood in it, she wont let me get. so i can STILL play fighting games, just not the ones with blood...eh, oh well.I'm surprised she even let me play "dead or alive" and "soul calibur"! O_O she let's me play things with magic in it to a certain xtent sometimes even "Zelda"(but we've always been Zelda fans so that's not going to change anytime soon) however she did get rid of twilight princess >.< It was a good game, i'm happy i passed it before she returned it back! :P, i do have to admit: She's the best mom ever! :D

    But I rather have my mom's say so over what games I play,and things I do than watchtower's rules. (Just my opinion)

    now that i told my story..somewhat, I want to hear all of yours! ^_^

  • tia.dalma

    I like the sims ... I don't think it's against the rules...

  • BlackTwisted

    oh yes, sims is a good game!...i keep meaning to get sims 2! but i always forget! XD

    but the woohooing in the bed...O_O

  • blondie

    The perception was that all of them were a waste of valuable study and field service time.

  • cofty

    This was state of the art when I was a JW teen, don't think it was ever banned...

    Then came Space Invaders, this caused a few frowns with all that shooting of the little aliens

  • tia.dalma

    Blondie, we need some kind of entertaining...

    BlackTwisted, yes, they woohoo (and not only in the bed) but you don't get to see anything....

    Sims2 is good, I love it, but there already is sims 3 out, with a few expansions, even better than sims 2

  • BlackTwisted

    @Tia: lol i figured they woohoo in bed...i have sims on my game console..and they woohooed and they werent even married. LOL i was trying to install sims 3 on my pc..but it didnt meet the requirements so i had to play sims 2..it was fun until my computer crashed >.<

  • pirata

    Super Mario Bros. 3 because it had ghosts.

  • HintOfLime

    For some reason, my parents wouldn't let me play Ultima VIII.

    But then.. we weren't allowed to play Adventure of Lolo, either...


    - Lime

  • donuthole

    A friend of mine had to take the original Legend of Zelda back because the main enemy Ganon is referred to as the prince of darkness. I still recall his mother clucking at her triumph of overcoming the store's no-return-on-open-games policy by announcing Jehovah's disproval of those who practice spiritism.

    On a congregation level a bunch of us got busted in a local needs about playing Duke Nukem. I think we were around twenty years old. A friend of mine worked at a local computer shop and we got to have LAN parties after hours, playing into the wee hours of the night. The elders gave a talk about getting involved in violent video games. (It didn't help that my buddy had made a custom level with the design based on the local assembly hall.) We bristled at the chastisement, calling the elder a hypocrite because we knew that he played Command & Conquer on his home PC.

    A later incident was at the district convention where a teenage guy was interviewed about his involvement with the game The Sims. The boy said that he wanted to make his characters in the game two adult males to simulate two pioneer brothers who lived together. He was horrified when the men in the game started kissing. The speaker proclaimed, "That's Sick!" Me and my wife sat in the audience not buying his story, knowing full and well that you had to command Sims of the same sex to kiss.

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