Happy BURRRR. . . . Day??

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  • southern.finesse

    @ GL, thank you very much for your insight. It is appreciated

    From the posts, I really just don't fully know what I have gotten myself in did I? Like I said before, she started going to the KH after I married her. . . I feel PLAYED.

    Her birthday is soon, I would like to get more insights from other about this situation. Please comment if you just have encouragement for me, I have alot of mixed emotions dealing with this situation as a whole. How exactly can I reach meaningful agreements when she is basically against me in a weird sense?

  • jamiebowers

    Your best bet is reading and using techniques from Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hasan.

  • southern.finesse

    I actually have his book on order now. Thanks for the information and the suggestion of his book.

    Any more comments, advice?

  • southern.finesse


    I decided not to mention her birthday. As the day when forth, she called me and hinted that it was ok for me to gesture that she was "a day" older instead of saying happy birthday (whats the difference??). She acknowledged that the day was very important to her, but not important enough to celebrate. I rolled with it and acknowledge "her day" in a joking way as her being my old lady because she is older than I.

    I did notice one thing, she was hurt. I believe she was hurt not only because I didn't mention it but also because she wants to feel special as her previous birthdays. I felt bad as a husband because I do love my wife and would have went all out to show her a wonderful time on "her day". No presents, no dinner date, no nothing. I respect her views and will not "stumble her" but I could tell in her voice she was hurt. =(

    Ill see what happens on Cupid's Day. . . SMH

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