Whats your opinion on why so many WT Branch offices are closing around the world ?

by thetrueone 19 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • designs

    If they were smart they would open the facilities as senior living homes or apartments for low income housing. Not them, Armageddon is next week so why make long term plans unless its a printing press.

  • wasblind

    All they need to do now is to tell the publishers

    that they don't have to go d2d because people

    can look us up on line, the message will still be

    getting to each and every household, those who

    don't have internet, can hear about the "good news"

    on tv or through the radio the message is still getting

    house to house. And for the homes who have nothing

    the publishers can truly go on a voluntary basis

    NEW LIGHT: Jehovah don't want us to put unnecessary burdens upon the flock

    My bad, that light hasn't been turned on yet. Oh well BTTT

  • hamsterbait

    "I myself shall speed it up in its own time" says Jehoobie.

    The closing down is accelerating.


  • thetrueone

    Being that the WTS has cut down on its publications, has to have some probable effect on whats been going on at the Branch offices.

    The cost of printing certainly has increased over the years, paper and ink etc.

    In addition the value of those properties where those BOs were located, has increased tenfold $$$

    We all know the importance of real-estate to the WTS. since its easily understood that the WTS has a billion dollars

    worth of real-estate world wide either self purchased or donated.

    Just as an example my old Hall that I used to attend, the property alone is worth 2 million CDN. no exaggeration.

    Kind of makes me want to get into the religion business.

  • wasblind

    Need a partner?


    Nothing has Changed..

    The WBT$ gets Jehovah`s Witness`s to Buy and Develope Property..

    Then the WBT$ sells the Property and keeps the Money..


    "On behalf of the WBT$ Money Pig Organization" ..

    "We would Like to Thank All you JW Dumb Ass`s"..

    "For Sending us Money.. We need More"..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Good one Outlaw

    Yep there is definitely money in religion.

    Its funny but also not when the WTS. prints and sends out brochures on how to donate to their organization

    by donating your last will and estate to the organization when they have so much cashed up into bank accounts entering into hundreds of millions.

    I wonder what the out fall would be if the WTS. were to disclose how much the organization has in assets monetarily.

  • designs

    Contact their head $$$ Money Brother G.F.Simonis he knows where all of the loot is hidden.



    JW`s are Taught not to Scrutinize the WBT$..

    It`s My Experience..

    Most JW`s are Extremely Surprised..

    To find out how much the WBT$ is actually Worth..

    JW`s think the WBT$ is a Poor Religion..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Black Sheep

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