Whats your opinion on why so many WT Branch offices are closing around the world ?

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  • thetrueone

    Just caught that yet another branch office has closed in Hawaii.

    Its getting to a point that there seems to be one closing almost one per month now.

    Is this the future of the WTS. as it once was ?

    Why is this all happening ?

    The WTS moving completely out of Brooklyn is another big change for the organization.

    Maybe this is the eventual but gradual demise of the WTS. only to reemerge into another organization

    complete with a new name.

  • MrFreeze

    Probably a money issue. I'm sure the funds coming in aren't what they once were.

  • pirata

    Save $$$

    Most companies only take action on their bottom line when their expenses start to exceed their income (only speculation though).

  • factfinder

    I think all of the consolidation and closing of certain branches is simply due to cost-cutting efforts. As we all know, donations are way down and have been dropping for years.

    But I do not think they plan to move out of Brooklyn entirely.

  • laverite

    It's a blessing from Jehovah God Almighty. Clearly, he's bestowing favor upon his people with this rich blessing. Their hard work and dedication to the Truth is paying off with these rich blessings.

  • thetrueone

    It would easy to assume that to run a Branch office with all the pertaining staff would cost quite a bit,

    considering food costs, utilities such as electricity, printing costs if there are printing presses running.

    The long involving costs to make a branch office run efficiently must be pretty high on a monthly basis.

  • thetrueone

    Maybe the members are thinking now that the WTS proclamations haven't been becoming true so therefore they are holding back

    into giving out donations. Time for the WTS. to print some more books in an effort to bring in some more cash.....just kidding

    They need another 1975, there is no question that the commercialization surrounding that purported special year was

    the most profitable era of the WTS. of its entire history.

  • tia.dalma

    They use technology to print publications, they don't need as many people as in old days, and also because it is cost effective to print more in one place.

  • DeeDubs

    Automation...cost effectiveness.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The Internet, specifically JWN and other such sites.

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