How big is/was your congregation?

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  • C6H12O6

    a little over 100

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    At one stage it was three, but only if you counted me.

  • pubtruth

    Smallest cong in the hall, many have left to the new hall about less than a mile away, and old brothers almost never come, hovers around 70~

  • factfinder

    The first cong I was in had 160 pubs in 1978. By around 1990 it had shrunk so much meeting att. on Sunday was in the 30's! It ended up being deleted. The

    other congs had between 90-100 or so but now one of them is down to the 70's. ( As of 5 years ago that is.)

    Actually one had gotten up to 190 and split. But both congs kept shrinking after that. So the one I was in has 70 something now.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Most halls I have been in have been high 60's to low 90's expect Brooklyn where there was 160. The hall I just quit going to say they have 90 something but only about 50 attend, then say the rest tie in by phone line. Why I wonder if it is such a uplifting time to be there with you "brothers" and "sisters."


  • finallysomepride

    a loooong time agoes, about 100-110 pubs

  • RubaDub
    Now Kingdom Halls are being built as little assembly halls, some actually having two or more congregations meeting with simultaneous or overlapping times. Some areas have multiple congregations meeting in the same KH, but on different week nights and staggered Sunday meetings. I understand that a few even have the traditional Sunday meetings on Saturdays.

    Juan V ....

    Not sure where you live, but here in South Florida, I do not know of KH that has less than 3 congregations meeting in it. Most have 4 or 5. And there are at least 3 tri-plexes I know of in the area so you can have as many as 15 congregations meeting in one location. We currently have 4 congregagtions in our KH.

    As to meetings on Saturdays, many here actually prefer Saturdays over Sundays, especially the "late" Saturday meeting, typically 7PM. A lot of brothers and sisters like it because they get dressed, go to the meeting, leave by 9PM and then can go our for Saturday nite (dinner, downtown, etc.) and not having to worry about getting up early the following morning for work or school.

    Our KH has 4:30PM and 7PM on Saturdays and 10AM and 1PM on Sundays. Those with 5 congregations end up with a 4PM meeting on Sunday also (the time noone likes).

    Rub a Dub

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