Is there a "dominent family" in your hall?

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  • pontoon

    Back years ago when we were getting ready to split, I suggested that two or three bros and their families went to the other hall, otherwise 75% of our new body would be belong to the same family. My idea was shot down. So, ANY TIME we needed a show of hands, ALL six of those men (father, two sons, two son in laws, a brother to one son in law) ALWAYS voted the same way. Spirit directed, sure. crap, crap, crap

  • MrFreeze

    Not in the sense of the body of elders but in the entire congregation, out of 100 or so, I believe half of them were related in one way or another.

  • nugget

    yes. One man who poisoned the air of the congregation and reflected all that was bad in the organisation,

    He ruled the congregation protecting his families reputation at all costs whilst pursuing anyone else with a vengence. He lied to the body of elders on several occasions and his word is law.

    If I said to you there was a man seeking position of elder who was known for over indulging in alcohol, his eldest daughter is Df'd leaving her husband and then got pregnant by someone else. His son is wishy washy in the truth managed to aux pioneer but was never seen on service his father keeps putting him forward for MS but the son has few redeeming qualities. His youngest daughter also got herself into trouble with her boyfriend but was reproved privately. He lies to the Elders and makes false accusations against his brothers in order to divert attention from his families problems. There are few members of his family untouched by scandal. He wouldn't make it as far as nomination but he is COBOE. The man loves power. I will give it that he has a strong personality but he is not good for the congregation but lacks the humility to step down.

    I would like to thank him for showing so clearly why the organisation can't be chosen by God.

  • God_Delusion

    Yes, the Odysseos family in Limassol, Cyprus!

  • sooner7nc

    Oh yeah! In every Cong. I've been in there have been clans (2 to 3 interrelated families) that were a Cong. unto themselves.

  • ambersun

    Yes, I think it is quite common for the offspring of several families within the same congregation to grow up and marry each other, making one huge family. It is inevitable really as they are not allowed to mix with people who are not JWs, so unless they meet someone at an assembly what else can they do? I know of one congregation where intermarrying was practically encouraged, and the relationships became really complicated, like having an aunt who was also your sister in law just as an example.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Barrington, Illinois had the Scott family, and boy did they control their hall, their influence had a huge ripple effect throughout the entire circuit.


    Every Kingdom Hall I went to,had a Dominent family..


    "A Good Ole Boys Club"

    "IT was Never Wise to Mess with elder JW Boss Hogg"..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The same goes for me in every hall I have been to there has been a dominent family. All intermarried. One family was so bad that they had to follow the family tree to make sure two of their kids get get married without blood ties being to strong. Yiks.

    The last hall the PO had all five of his kids in the hall all were starting to get married and were appointed elders and MS the sons-in-laws were all elders you did not cross any of them if you knew what was good for you.

    It truly is a good old boys club for sure. Love you pictures out law you tell it like it is for sure.


  • freskalynn

    My Gosh, OUTLAW you should be a commedian. I search for ur comments.

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