Having the Circuit Oversear over for dinner...was it like a royal visit for you??

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    Last time we had the CO he made a comment about the size of the LCD TV in our dining room......CantLeave

    If WBT$ CO`s got a Job..

    They could afford a LCD TV too..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Botzwana

    Dad and I signed up to take the C.O. out to dinner with us. He said that his wife COULD NOT make it and it would be good if we invited another person to go with us making it a foursome. We take him to an expensive French restaurant. After dinner he says he wants to order another plate to take home to his wife...WHAT? If we would have known that we wouldn't have invited the other person to go with us on HIS suggestion. Such an inconsiderate bastard he truly was. Here we were knowing most brothers just have him in their houses for a simple meal and we wanted to treat him like royalty and he pulls this crap. We called him Blinkie. He was a C.O. from Georgia. He blinked ALOT!

  • willyloman

    Oh, yeah, especially Guy Pearce. Who now, of course, IS royalty.

  • pontoon

    The ones in my old hall known for the elaborate spreads are the ones that get the CO each visit. It was really the old BS groups that were to take CO feeding assignments each day, and that whole BS group was invited to lunch on their day, and expected to help of course. One study was so overboard the whole study would work on the meal instead of FS with the CO, and the CO just LOVED eating there. Afternoon service was just about zero after that huge feast. But there were more genuine COs. One I remember wanted simple sandwishes brought to the hall so they could get back out to FS quickly.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I always invited them over for a meal and used my best set of china.

    It turned out to be almost the only time I brought out the good china, so my family started calling it the "circuit overseer dishes"

    I still cant look at that pattern of china without thinking CO.

  • LongHairGal

    WITNESS007: I certainly noticed that it was for some deluded people there. Now that I am a ten-year fader, it seems ludicrous to me that these people who have NO regard for the working person would get any attention whatsoever. How much thought have these people given to those who donate hard-earned money and who were harmed by the religion's policies against college and careers? As far as I am concerned, these wanna-be royalty can go eat fast food and sleep on the curb. I wish on them what they wish on the rank and file JWs.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    My family would always put our name on the list to invite the COs over for lunch or dinner.

    Some were so appreciative and loved it when my mom would cook up some pan-fried chicken, pre-sweetened ice tea, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. She'd finish up with a chocolate pudding pie. These were the things we loved to eat and just about all of our friends enjoyed that menu too. So for us it was a great meal shared with friends, no matter what their position.

    But some COs and their wives would act offended - like, hey, were not YOUR family - WE'RE SPECIAL. We expect steak, or ham, or a pasta plate with caesar salad. And "pudding pie"? How low class is that? They acted like my mother had been disrespectful to them.

    One CO (I think he went up higher, but I lost track) was Lester Dugan. Some of you may have heard or remember him from the 1960s. His mother lived in our congregation's area. When he was in town, we'd always invite him and his mother over for dinner. We could serve tuna sandwiches and Pringles Chips and he'd act so pleased and happy. He just loved my parents and he was always so appreciative. My dad always gave him a green handshake - even though we couldn't afford it - because he was such a loving man and brought such joy into our home. I hope he didn't change, as so many do, as he got higher up in the Society. Anyone know what happened to him?


  • pontoon

    My ex wife would get real emotional about unfairness. She would always volunteer our house for a CO meal but never even be aknowledged. Our Service Overseer sensed her unhappiness and said to me what day would we like. Back then I used to take a day off to work with CO group. I told him what day and I also said we would do something simple like grilled cheese and tomato soup so we can get right back out. He said he would see if he could work us in. Never heard another word about it. I just didn't want the comotion. Never told my ex.

  • ambersun

    I have lost count of the number of COs my mother has cooked for over the years, often having them to stay for the week of their visit.

    They were all pleasant enough in their own ways, but a nightmare to feed! I used to think it was a coincidence that so many COs wives seemed to have very complicated and strange dietary needs. They all seemed to have an accute intolerance to either dairy/wheat/salt/sugar etc... etc..., in fact most food that the majority of the population managed to eat without any problems.

    They often drank strange concoctions instead of tea of coffee, which had to be provided at set times, and I can remember one CO's wife insisting that she could not have anything to drink at all for two hours before or after her meals.

    I can remember discussing it with my Mom and we wondered if all the travelling about caused digestive problems for them, as they all seemed to be so difficult to feed.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I used to do it. In fact when I as first married my husband was the only elder and no one signed up. I had to feed them all four days that was back when they had their place to stay thank God. It was really horrible as I was working and just did not have the time. We wound up taking them to eat three of the four day which we could not afford.

    All of them had digestive problems which taking them out to eat sloved as they could just pick what they wanted. Amazing what they would eat when we went out with all of their bad digestive problems they just seemed to go away at that time.


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