I don't understand life or the universe

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  • poppers

    Well, according to Douglas Adams, the answer to life, the universe, and everything is....42. See Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. So long, and thanks for all the fish.


  • Tan Hai-chi
    Tan Hai-chi

    I can give you an explaination of how I have come to understand God and life. You may agree or not but that is also a factor in how we understand, that is choice. We have the choice to belief anyway we want really. I could believe God is purple and came from the third dimension of the factal unit of dispersed time. We can choose what to belief. So when you consider that we have the free will to choose whatever belief we want to belief and you reflect upon just that one thought. What does that tell you about God?

    We have the free will to choose what we believe and since that is the case everything is believable! All thoughts that we have are connected to everyone elses thoughts which forms the consciousness and creation on this 3D plane and planet. Since all our thoughts form this consciousness which in turn creates our reality, we are all responsible for this reality we experience here. God gave us the power but something went wrong. The power was hijacked! Not forever but for a time. If I'm losing you here that is because this is hard to explain. Well not hard but just a lot to put together to form the picture.

    Anyway 2012 is all about evolutionary changes that are occuring to this planet and all life on it. This change is a rise in frequency bringing Earth to the level of the 5th dimension. You may of heard about a shift that will happen in 2012. This shift is happening right now and will keep accelerating until Dec 21 2012 when it is complete. To put this as simply as I can. The shift is a splitting of the light and the dark of love and fear. Love being of a higher frequency and fear being of a low frequency. It is important to know this because in order to make the shift to the new 5D Earth you must be in the love frequency meaning living in love. If you live in fear you will be left on this 3D Earth in which you well know what direction it is headed!

    I have always had an open mind even when I was a witness. I believe it is important to understand as much as you can about life in order to get an understanding of God. It is true what Christ said, If you keep on looking and searching you will find the answers. But most choose to belief in only one way so they close their minds to everything else thinking that the way they chose is right. If you are truly a seeker of truth then you will have no solid beliefs cause all beliefs are of free will. So to understand is to not believe. Belief gets in the way of understanding when it is solid and not flexible. The way we learn is not by gettting rid off things we knew before but by adding to the things we already know. Beliefs are built upon beliefs. The years I spend as a witness I believe were not wasted years but years of learning something I need to learn. I'm not talking about doctrine here but of character and being. All religion is a tool of evolution to move you forward. When you have learned from it what you needed then you will move on.

    Many people have been moving out of religion for a while now, especially since 2003. This is a time of awakening. You will find the answers you are looking for if you be true to who you are and open your mind to the possibilities. What does not make sense put aside and what does follow it and add to it but using your intuition. As time accelerates as I mentioned before it will get harder to reason with your mind and you will have to follow your intuition or sensing skills to go in the direct you want to go. The reason for this is as time speeds up and you are presented with more information than you can handle the mind shuts down and your must decide through spirit. This is why it is important to live in love and not fear.

    God is truly love. But why is their evil you may ask? I'll follow up later......

  • TheLoveDoctor

    I think most of these comments our excelent. I think we are all part of god, conciouseness, dynamic energy, and whatever one chooses to call it we and this planet and univers are part of the same souce and we spent too much time looking for whatever for answers whem we should be looking in what some would think is the most ulikly place right under our nose. Within ourselves, we are life or at the least a part of it so live it and dont wast it, because the form part that we can see and feel does not last forever that is why all we do good or bad has a collective impact on all life or the one life. Therefore let us spread the love agaist such a thing there is no Law. this is the way we will first have peace within then it will be expressed on the outside.

  • leavingwt

    If anyone tells you that they have life and the universe truly figured out, they probably belong to a cult.

  • lisaBObeesa

    There is no hope for use to really understand the whole of our reality.

    We can only experience our lives fully each and every day, observe, live, learn and love as long as we live.

    That's life.

  • Decided

    Thanks for the comments. I knew there was no provable answer or it would be all over the world. What I do for some peace is drive out in the country and observe the beauty of nature. There are so many country roads where there is hardly any traffic and the scenery is beautiful, you can see miles to the mountains and hills. There are many old houses from the 1700-1800s that are falling down and tobacco barns. I suspect most of the people made their living raising tobacco back in the old days. My friend next door who is about my age rides with me.

    Ken P.

  • Qcmbr

    A consciousness is a wonderful gift that carries with it a terrible curse - we can contemplate our non-existence. I have always had that rising panic every time I contemplate how and when I cease (religion didn't really reduce the sick sweaty panic) but several things seem to help me now.

    With no god to please I am freed from worry about a judgement day or that I have to live my life in sub-optimal ways to 'pass' some arbitrary test. Realising that I am no more than an expression of chemistry and genetics is comforting because it means I am merely a baton carrier for an amazing single life that started billions of years ago - I am not running this race alone nor am I required to finish first - and my death is necessary for that life to continue as I make way for other children. I am awed that no matter what happens in my life, my very existence is an incredible achievement (statistically almost impossible) and I'm already the unique winner of trillions of sperm olympics for millions of years and thus my life, now, is utterly unique, never to be repeated and so precious and priceless. Ditto for everyone. That's magnificent. I have a role to play but in being no more crucial than anyone else I am not alone, the burden is not only mine, the expectations shared. No life lived is wasted, everyone had something to contribute (even if it was just to express a genetic mix that conferred no benefits to mankind!) and each breathing moment is filled with value (though often ruel and harsh.)

    I did not exist before I was conceived and I am no poorer for it. Each night I cease to be conscious - I 'die' - and each wonderful morning I awake and live again. Death is no more nor any longer than deep sleep. I hope one day to be brave enough to welcome that coming eternal sleep knowing that no matter what I did or didn't do my very existence was enough, that's all life asked of me.

  • leavingwt

    Please allow me to say one more thing. . .I'm jealous of your 75 years and I really hope that I can attain that.

  • laverite

    I'm so thankful that I have the right to think and question things, that I am totally ok not having all the answers. The scientific method is far more trustworthy than other approaches to knowledge. I am all about scientific evidence. The empirical evidence has proven that life evolved.

    Now, how it all got started, what kicked it all off...who knows.

  • poppers

    Great post, TheLoveDoctor. I agree completely.

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