Dinner With a Pioneer Couple Last Night

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  • Ding

    If they stopped eating, think of all the additional hours they could get in!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Pioneers are like cats "Meeeaweers".....that's all you think about, and for sure it's bragging to make you like nore holy.

  • designs

    Tell them to treat Pioneering like a Paper Route, just drive through the neighborhoods at 4:00AM and zing the magazines out the window. They'll get their hours in that way

  • wasblind

    I forgot the direct quote she used, but the sister who studied with me made a point of letting me know

    that her salvation depended on her doing' what was required of her by this organization.

    Romans 6:23 states : " But the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our lord "

    The Organization requires them to go out and earn what was givin' to them freely out of love.

    Yes we know the Bible states to go and make disciples, but it doesn't say you must get in a certain

    amount of hours in order to qualify for a gift that was already givin' freely, they are goin' d2d under

    duress, They are truly depriving themselves of so much how sad.

  • designs


    How many CO visits and Circuit Assemblies did we suffer through with these guys telling us 'do you really think you're going to make it if you don't Pioneer and you could'.

    I think they took lessons from some really mean Nuns.

  • wasblind

    Hey Designs

    just think how we been told that the meetings we went to

    were to build and uplift, everyone I came out of , I found

    myself more unworthy than before from all the brow beatin'

    If I were that couple, I'd throw those magazines in the trash

    and go home, take a nap, and when they get up, bake cookies

  • bigmac


    when i did my punishment--3 years in the 1960's--it was 100!!! hours a month for us regular pioneers.

    about as much use as shaving.

  • designs


    It was when my kids got to be teenagers and could vocalize their opinions about the Assemblies that I really began to understand the negative effect the Society's message had on us. Out of the mouth of babes.

  • DaCheech

    prominence is given through titles

  • pontoon

    No doubt in my mind that many work to hour requirement not love of "service". Pioneers are relieved when they make their hours and you probably won't see them out in service again until the new service year. Just more joy than they can stand I guess. I've known hundreds of bethelites. Out of all of them 4 (2 couples) left bethel because they missed the full time ministry. So they all say how important FS is but only these four were truly sincere about it. I have too admire them for their not being the least bit hipocritical. Bethelites encourage pioneering. If anybody should pioneer, they should. After their work day they don't have to prepare meals, clean house, mow grass, do laundry, go grocery shopping........etc. It was rare in my old congregation a bethelite would temp. pioneer. A young guy once in a great while looking to make points and also to spend time with pioneer single sisters. Really thats true. They say their bethel service is sacred service, (its not, it is however how they earn their living) but aren't we they suppose to do all their circumstances allow in FS? Its all about status, double standards, man pleasing, crap, crap, and more crap.

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