2 Witnesses spoken of in Revelation

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    Lassinger 58
    I'll just say one more thing about drugs

    Won't you be in danger from both the UN and the WTBS for revealing these secrets?

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    Take a look at the medical symbol. The serpent represents the Life Principle, as it always has in ancient esoteric teachings. The two serpents represent male and female, yin and yang, Adam and Eve, and this signifies the return of the Divine Feminine. Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas that when we unite the two we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The scepter in the middle is the kundalini of the spine, and the ball at the top is the pineal gland or third eye. The way the serpents wrap around the scepter represents the DNA helix. The Two Witnesses is just another prophecy about awakening consciousness through a DNA upgrade.


    Interestingly, the earth itself is a reflection of our brains. The Western Hemisphere (left-brain) is male, narcissist, with its male narcissist Biblegod, and cut off from the East (the right-brain), which is feminine, more spiritual and more compassionate, connected with the life force energy in medicine and philosophy. What a world it will be when we unite the two.

    The Tree of Life


    Kundalini and the Serpent


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    It might be interesting for someone to do a book with a side by side contrast of what the organization has said in its various commentaries and explanations of the book of Revelation.

    In The Finished Mystery (1918), the WTS said the two witnesses were the Old and New Testaments!

    This was the "present truth" when Jesus allegedly picked the WTS to be the FDS organization...

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    'Jehovah executed Fred Franz' Damn! and he let Televangelists off the hook

  • Larsinger58

    Won't you be in danger from both the UN and the WTBS for revealing these secrets?

    Actually, yes. There have been at least 3 assasination attempts that I know of.

    But there is something else going on that seems of greater interest. That is, that John is still alive. Remember the Templars claim to be looking for descendants of Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene. The search for the so-called "holy grail." All that is a front for looking for John wom apparently the Templars discovered was still alive. John was never to die. (John 21:20-23) So another interest is finding John and all the genealogy records he maintains. Thus the search for the "holy grail" which they link with the "chalice" and also MM, is really about John himself.

    So I'm under surveillance primarily in hopes of leading to them finding John. But within the JIOR, the identity of John is a hugely guarded secret.

    Remember, as in Revelation, the messiah is born to the woman who has a hiding place in the wilderness, which represents many secret societies which the UN and the WTS is aware of. So monitoring me gives them information, potentially, about the secret societies or perhaps a lead on finding John, who is more of a threat. Remember, the U.N. must be aware of the "two witnesses" and where they are in order to kill them for 3-1/2 days, that is, shut down their preaching operations. So it's not just me, but the secret societies and John and Paul who are still alive.

    In fact, now that I think about it, the U.N./Templars were already aware of the secret societies and John. So even though I became the Christ, there is still an intense interest in John and these secret societies and finding out where all those genealogy documents are. So there seems to be more interest in monitoring me and finding out how the secret societies communicate with me than harming me. I'm rather harmless myself and under the radar as long as my followers don't acknowledge me publicly or I start a public cult or church. Then the FBI have a basis to move against me or try to infiltrate any organization of people who openly acknowledge me as the messiah.

    In the meantime, I don't do any miracles or anything unusual. I just "admit" I'm the Christ and that's it. The only thing that is exceptional is the "sign of the son of man" that I have a photograph of. That confirms there is something supernatural going on. But again, the public won't accept this. But Templars believed that John is still alive and are looking for him. But that's the context here. People won't accept me as being the Christ, but the Templars can't come clean either about their belief that John is still alive and maintaining ancient records. So both of us can't really come out. The WTS, in turn, as Freemasonry does, communicates these secretive things through their subliminal or cryptic artwork in their publications.

    But think of how much John and Paul are a threat to the Catholic Church and to the world of Christianity. They show up with those ancient documents and then condemn them, then what? Just like in "The DaVinci Code" there is an intense interest in controlling or suppressing whatever ancient records John might have.

    So that's what you must realize as well. If they believe I'm actually the Messiah, then they also are aware of the secret societies in place that believe I'm the messiah. There were a series of failed assasination attempts and at times intense surveillance that didn't yield much, so they are just waiting for now to see what will change.

    In the meantime, of course, I'm protected by Jehovah and the JIOR, so there is nothing they can actually do that Jehovah doesn't permit. Again, for a long while there was more interest in potentially finding John than in me. John might be more of a threat to them than I am. They know who I am. They know where I am. They have a lot of options as far as I'm concerned. But they don't know where John is.

    I don't really know what they are up to right now. Sometimes I will see some agents and wonder what they are up to, but most of the time I'm not aware of the surveillance. But who needs to follow you these days when they have cameras at every store and every establishment. So everybody is on film most of the time when they go out to public places or stores. Plus at home they track you on the internet. So surveillance is very easy now. There is not much I can do that won't be caught on film, just generally. But the JIOR is smart and there is a lot of secret things that go on that they can't track or understand. Things are happening as planned so I just go along.


  • Larsinger58

    'Jehovah executed Fred Franz' Damn! and he let Televangelists off the hook

    He was executed because he was directly helping the UN try to interrupt the 2nd coming. He was apostate. So it's a little different. He wasn't executed because of being a false prophet, necessarily.


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