1914 to be abandoned around 2016

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    What Villabaloo said. It will go the way of 1844 and the SDAs.

  • wobble

    All the time it has not totally faded though we can use it to taunt them ! hours of apostate fun !

  • factfinder

    I agree with what Ding said. It will just be mentioned less and less as time goes on. Eventually most witnesses who were taught about it will be gone and then they will not have to mention it anymore. Meanwhile, it will just get mentioned less and less...

  • factfinder

    But I doubt 2014 will be that important to most witnesses. One hundred years has no significance in the Bible. The preaching work is not finished yet, most witnesses won't pay it much mind IMHO! It won't be of any concern to my brother, "we're just that much closer to armageddon!'.


    The date 1914 AD is a crucial date in the endtime predictions .The way I see it ,it has a guaranteed place in the history for ever !

    The back-up date I have is the year 2034 AD and we have 120 years from 1914 AD which could be or is another sign of Noah's time - a requirement for the return of Jusus or Judgement Day to take place.

    Predictions concerning return of Jesus should be viewed as attempts to reach the summit of a mountain that is extremely difficult to get to.

    And only attempts that God Yahweh approves of by His Word - the Bible count .Only true servants of God should make predictions as they use the Bible to support their predictions .

    These attempts consist in using parts from the Bible in building an apparatus that is used to get to the summit of this big mountain nobody till now was able to reach.

    To make sure an attempt could be successfull the old parts from the previous equipments ( attempts ) should be used .How it works ? Some details from the past predictions can be placed in a new apparatus ..

    I am using dates like 1884 AD,1914 AD , 1942 AD in my new prediction .Those dates should be known to Jehovah's Witnesses . I am using the elements made by the International Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses they used in their attempts and that shows I see some good parts they made before.

    This new prediction for September 29,2011 AD was built on my some previous predictions as well : 1991 AD,1994 AD, 1999 AD, 2004 AD.


    I am using the improved biblical chronology made by the Watchtower to make a point in my new prediction to include the International Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses in the great finale ! The must be an experience of 127 years put in the new prediction and I am not 120 years old . So I must find some other people to include them in this period of 127 years.

  • factfinder

    Jesus said "noone knows that day or hour, ...only the Father.' There is no information recorded in the Bible that one can use to accuratly predict the date of armageddon! And it is not real anyway!

  • Londo111

    I accidently came across this today.

    2016 has come and gone, but not 1914.

  • wannaexit

    I searched "1914" in the jw dot org and since 2000, it only appears 156 times.

    So it appears that they are slowly distancing themselves from the date

  • Vanderhoven7

    The end of 1914 spells the end of 1919 and therewith all alleged nevertheless mythological authority.

  • Phizzy

    Exactly Van the Man, No 1914=No1919=the GB are self appointed charlatans.

    The intractable problem is getting JW's to see any of this.

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