What Jehovah's Witness Subject Do You Want To Talk About On JWN?

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  • coffee_black

    How about the schedule to clean the kingdom hall. Whose turn is it this week? Brother Minimus, will you take the lead?


    I think of things from time to time but I am not so sure they are meaningful......PupleSofa

    Hey Purps!..

    Well then Start a Thread about them!..

    You never give yourself enough credit for your abilitys..

    Your a Thinker,an Artist,a Poet..You have so much Talent..

    It`s time to Share..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • LV101

    I'd like to hear more stories about their demise --- real stats, if any. Those still actively involved --- attending meetings and conventions, etc., are a good source to hear from. I realize some older neighborhoods are inundated w/africanamericans and hispanics and pump up the numbers, but i'm hoping they aren't as blind to donate their time/life/ASSETS to the borg as the ole diehards of yesterday were. i'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum here, and i've missed it.


  • JeffT

    Let's talk about sex. JW's are obsessed with sex.

  • LV101

    OOOPS --- forgot to mention i really enjoy all the various topics discussed here --- not just w/tower related.


  • minimus

    Did you ever try to get out of toilet cleaning duty? I always tried and I hated it when hairy people used the bathrooms.

  • mrsjones5

    I never had bathroom duty. I guess I wasn't spiritual enough.

  • minimus

    Elders do bathroom duty to show how humble they really are.

  • Finally-Free

    First and foremost we need to elect a Governing Body of Apostates (GBOA). They can determine the topics that are appropriate for us. They can also organize us into groups, which would make it easier to plan activities such as protests, and maybe even interventions. The GBOA can appoint elders over these groups to ensure no one spends inappropriate amounts of time or resources in non apostate activities or conversations. They can also give us timely direction on critical matters such as:

    1. Is profanity acceptable for an apostate?
    2. Should apostates wear ties while posting?
    3. Should the beer icon be removed from JWN?
    4. How to conduct a worldwide event from a single streetcorner.
    5. How to be a resplendent apostate.

    I nominate Minimus, Shamus, and Outlaw to be permenant members of the Governing Body of Apostates. Koolaid guy can be the court jester.


  • minimus

    FF, I'm roaring!

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