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    yknot -- thanks for the link. I fell such a satisfaction when I read letters to the BOE.

    I had a conversation with a special pioneer who is also an elder. He had this idea that women are in some degree inferior to men. I reminded him that a watchtower had a study article that stated that women and men are equal intelectually and spiritually, and that in God's eyes we are equal. He then said that men have the priviledge to know some organisational matters that women don't have access to. I am sooo happy when I see that the so secret and only for priviledged people information is on the net... When I had that conversation I didn't know you can get it on the net, because I would have told him, just to see his face when he heard this... ha ha. But still I told him that the organisational matters are not so important since it changed over time so many times, the only information that is important in this religion is the one which can help you get closer to God and that information is available to all people in the organisation, men and women.

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    man in black

    can I also have a Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred along with the book link ?

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    black in black,,did you check your PM yet? the manual will self destruct at any moment :)

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    Gayle would you please PM the link for the new manual. Thank you so much


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    Amelia Ashton

    I would love to know what they have "on record" about me!

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    I was disappointed they don't have a secret hand shake though.

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    Could someone send me the link as well?

    Many thanks in advance!!!!

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    J. Hofer

    google is your friend. (theres some download site, often mentioned when talking copyright stuff...)

    it's sad that many JWs don't even know about the existence of this book.

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    Hey can I also get a link to the new elders book?


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