Blood Ban and Your Pets

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  • laverite

    WOW, Leo, thanks so much for that link! Brilliant post! Thanks for stealing my thunder lol. Oh well. You only beat me by YEARS!

  • cameo-d

    alanv: "The whole of the animal kingdom is full of animals eating each other, blood and all."

    That is a metaphor and is practiced by most humans as well. That's why it's called a "dog-eat-dog" world and it is referring to the behavior of humans. People treat each other like commerce and that is very much like living off the blood of others.

    alanv: "I wonder how they feel about God creating the leach."

    The Watchtower is no different from a leech. Religion is a business. Have you ever been to a preachers conference? In discussing their profitability, churches are described among the insiders as a "hundred thousand dollar pulpit" rather than an eight hundred member congregation.

    alanv: Maybe it was created originally to eat straw. Hmm.

    Eating straw is a metaphor for "chewing the cud". (Meaning aimless chatting)

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