Blood Ban and Your Pets

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  • ThomasCovenant

    If this is still 'current truth' then a JW is not allowed to use live bait when fishing. Or bait that hasn't been properly drained of blood.

    You wouldn't feed a live mouse to a cat but the cat can catch the mouse and eat it?

    Am I going mad?

  • Bangalore

    Welcome, ThomasCovenant.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Pharisee thinking

  • inbetween

    even at times, when I thought, the ban on blood is biblical and all, I always wondered about this opinion of the society on pets eating blood.

    It didnt make sense, considering some animals (mosquitos, ticks ) were even designed to live of blood from other animals...

    I get the impression, the society thinks, they have to have an opinion an all and everything....well in times it backfires....

  • undercover

    I love comparing this 64 article with the current WT stance on blood. Leaving aside the fact that "christians" today are not under the Mosiac Law and none of it really applies, it is interesting to look at how they rely on the Mosiac Law as the basis for their strict intrepretation of the 'no-blood' doctrine...and then compare it to how they have relaxed the code for today.

    Take the bit about blood and animal food:

    What, then, of animal food? May it be used if there is reason to believe there is blood in it? As far as a Christian is concerned, the answer is No, on the basis of principles already mentioned. Therefore, if a Christian discovers that blood components are listed on the label of a container of dog food or some other animal food, he could not conscientiously feed that product to any animal over which he has jurisdiction. He could not conclude that doing so would be excusable, for this would not be a case of an animal killing another animal and helping itself to the blood of that creature. No, this would be a direct act on the part of the Christian, making him responsible for feeding blood to a pet or other animal belonging to him.

    It was okay if Kitty catches a mouse and eats it but it's not okay for a "christian" to feed a cat animal food that they know has blood in it...because:

    ...according to the Mosaic law, blood when taken from a body was to be poured out upon the ground and covered over with dust.

    And then there's the fertilizer deal. Wow...

    But now, what about fertilizer that has blood in it? One who is going to show respect for God's law on blood would not use it. True, according to the Mosaic law, blood when taken from a body was to be poured out upon the ground and covered over with dust. (Lev. 17:13, 14) The objective was, however, that the blood should serve no useful purpose when thus disposed of. It was not placed on the ground with the thought in mind that it would serve as fertilizer. Hence, no Christian farmer today could properly spread blood on his fields to fertilize the soil, nor would he use commercial fertilizer containing blood. Such blood use would be a commercializing on something that God has reserved for himself. It would be a violation of God's Word.

    Same illogic as before...if you slaughter Daisy the cow for dinner and drain the blood onto the ground, that's okay. But if you slaughter Daisy, collect the blood to add to the fertilizer and then pour it on the ground, that was a no-no.

    But the last paragraph is the one that flies in the face of the current version of the blood doctrine:

    Servants of God have been told in the Scriptures what is to be done with blood. So they know that they would be held responsible by Jehovah for any misuse of blood over which they might have control. What is more, because they love God they are prompted to observe the laws and principles of his Word. Thus they are moved to keep Jehovah's law on blood even in ways that might appear to some to be insignificant.

    If...IF the WTS had maintained its 1960s stand on blood, no way, no how, then it would be more defensible, at least from their point of view, as supported by their allegiance to the Mosica Law. God says abstain from blood and it is to be poured on the ground, unused. It's a simple rule. Don't use blood...period. Disagree with it as most rational people will, they could easily defend their position of never using blood from this most fundamental point of view.

    But the WTS didn't stick to that fundamental edict. They, over time, relaxed God's restrictions. Blood fractions are now allowed. How are blood fractions obtained? By blood donated and used by medical technicians. Think abou that... It's okay for a "christian" to accept a blood fraction, knowing that it came from blood that was not poured out but was collected and used. Where at one time, a "christian" couldn't even use fertilizer because it contained blood that should have been poured out now it's okay to accept a product that contains blood that should have also been poured out.

    I guess this statement is no longer applicable when it comes to the blood doctrine...

    Thus they are moved to keep Jehovah's law on blood even in ways that might appear to some to be insignificant.

    ...when they themselves made keeping certain aspects of their own rules insignificant themselves

  • Finally-Free

    Yet most JWs think nothing of eating a rare steak that's lying on a plate in a pool of blood.

    Oops, sorry. I keep forgetting it's not blood. It's "juice".


  • hamsterbait

    Does anybody remember the QFR on whether it was right to use leeches in medical treatment?

    They said that it is wrong as God did not design leeches originally to eat blood.

    Leeches are now used to treat severe bleeding trauma - they are regularly used by rugby and american football players to reduce swelling. All unscriptural.

    They also said that using fertilizer containing blood on your garden is wrong.

    But then - they did say that an Owl's talons were not originally designed to catch prey. (In the "Asleep")


  • Leolaia
  • laverite

    Thanks, Leo, for this awesome letter. This is essential information all Christians urgently need.

    After reading this letter, I've begun to worry about what happens when a "Christian" has a cat that eats a rat or mouse? How do you train your cat to first pour the blood out of the captured/dead rodent before eating it?

    Also, since these scriptures apply to animals, will Jehovah kill all meat/blood eating animals at Armageddon? Or should I just kill my cat right now to help Jehovah? Less work for him later, n'est-ce pas?

    Help!!! I need to know ASAP.

  • Leolaia

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