The GB really do not want us to think for ourselves Mar 15th WT

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  • ssn587

    I for myself, don't believe anything (experience wise) in a watchtower. Especially those that portray (spelling) someone giving up a lifestyle and doing more sales work for the company (WTBTS) and coming out ahead. They are made up LIES LIES LIES and damned LIES. Like God is going to care if you go out and knock on more doors with no one home. Just to place the society's magazines which will be used (especially in the north) for starting paper for the fire place, at least then it will have a good use.

  • sir82

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    These types of "Do more! Do more or God will KILL YOU!" articles have been around for decades.

    They aren't particularly effective, in my experience. The only reason they keep repeating them is that they don't have anything else to say.

    Originality and non-conformity are not only viewed with suspicion but are often punished. No one on the writing staff can come up with anything more original than "Do MORE or Jehovah will kill kill KILL YOU! And YOUR CHILDREN!" over and over and over again, even though most JWs just yawn and carry on with whatever they are accustomed to doing.

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

  • streets76

    Any word on how Andre is doing?

  • DaCheech

    I have worked my butt off, and have my house paid in full.

    my monthly expenses including insurance, tax, and heat are about $950............. if I would of taken their suggestion, I would be renting a 2 room apt for $50 more a month.

    f&%%&&ck them, and wait until their ivory tower falls!!!

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    It's true, once you realize its a cult, it is shocking. I slept walk thru this past Sunday's WT waiting and waiting til it ends. Suddenly on paragraph 15(?), the question is "What must you do not to be destroyed?" Really this a religion of love and not fear?

    And they're scared of you thinking for yourself. Our CO once said that those who left the org "think they are happy". But we know they are not....Does that even make sense?

  • brotherdan
    It says "Why the repeated warnings? Such reminders are needed when as a result of waiting over what seems to be an extended period, people are at risk of losing their sense of urgency."

    This statement reminded me of what was said to the old timers at the annual meeting last year regarding their wish that they had gone to college. I wonder if this article was a followup to that.

  • sd-7

    I remember this article. Sort of. I kind of skimmed it. This is another case of blaming the followers when nothing happens, typical of what cult leaders do. One of the first Watchtower quotes I stumbled across was an article from 60 years ago that said 'now is not the time to be fooled by the glamour of Satan's system of things' or something like that. 61 years later, if you were old enough to be worried about getting rich in 'Satan's system' in 1950, you would be close to uh, finishing your earthly course?

    Anyway, the use of the thief illustration is pretty much a misstep, but only if your audience doesn't already believe every word you say, in which case, it works out fine. The Society, in that illustration, would be the equivalent of a security expert who says, "I'm here to warn you. There's a thief coming, any second, and you need to install this alarm." After installing the alarm, it goes off multiple times for no apparent reason, scaring the crap out of you and your family, only there's no actual danger in sight. When you call the security expert and ask why the alarm keeps going off when there's no thief, he just shrugs and says, "Got to keep you on your toes. You were the one who thought a thief was coming right away."

    Promptly, you get a new security expert.


  • thetrueone

    Maybe it is the fact that I have stopped going to the meetings and am not getting the dose of brainwashing every week

    but it just seems scarier and scarier to me.

    Not surprising at all, this cunning and deceptive publishing organization (WTS) has all the trappings of coercion, corruption and deceitfulness.

    The deceitful part of this has to be that they brainwash people into thinking that their organization is the only true organization guided and

    chosen by god himself, which not only attracts people but also locks them into it mentally for exploitation purposes.

    Since this organization survives off the donated proceeds of its published literature, even starting right from its very beginning, one can understand

    why this organization over sensationalizes and misinforms. Its very much fraudulent commercialism fronted on a premise of

    religious virtue, care and compassion. The notable thing that has to realized is that for this organization to continue on it has to constantly

    change its professed doctrines to keep the believability factor intact, keeping people faithfully devoted to more or less save their lives.

    Also being that the organization has been constructed this way, it becomes very important to quickly shut people up and identify

    ones who present any expressive exposing questioning. There is no question that this organization is a lying and maligning dangerous religious cult

    made by disingenuous men who were true power seeking opportunists . The exploitation was equal to the cultivated assuming power.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    What you said is how I feel also about paying off you home. We bought a very small and cheep home. I worked my butt off paying it off. Now granted it takes time to own a home, if something breaks then you have to fix it and spend the time doing it. You have to mow the lawn, and such. I was so mad when the said that "Roy and Petina" moved from a house to a apartment. OK they did not say sell but moved. First glance at it you think downsize but maybe they did not own their home, maybe there were like so many JW's I know who bought more house then they could afford and were upside down in it.

    They never tell you all the details so you can make a smart decision. Ugh I just hate they way they are so deceptive.


  • wasblind

    Good morning LITS,

    How are you this morning, I remember some in the cong

    I attended saying that they were not goin' to buy a house

    in this system, cause when the big " A " hits they will be able

    to choose from whatever house they want. I thought that was

    the craziest thing I ever heard when I first heard it

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