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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    OK so my husband and I were watching TV the other night and some college kids for the local area come on asking for blood for the local blood drive. They were saying help save lives by giving you blood.

    My husband speaks up and says what a lie they are telling to people. I just wanted to scream but instead, I asked my husband where the blood fractions he has OK'ed on his durable power of attorney comes from. He just looked blank at me.

    We have gotten into this so many times and he says that the blood fractions comes from the water in the blood thus they are not really blood. When he says that I just want to scream and I usually make some stupid comment that causes a fight. Like well if it is just water then can you get blood fractions from the river, or the mud puddle in the street.

    It is just so stupid, what I need to do is sit down and read the 2000 WT on it. I just glanced at it again and it is so confusing, I saw the point of my husband makes about it blood being 80 percent or 90 percent water, but it is STILL BLOOD WATER!!!!!!!!

    Have any of you dealt with your family members on this stupid WT, I just pulled out my husband DPA and he clearly has it marked he will take blood fractions, I remember when we signed them in front of the elder my husband clearly saying he would take anything to save his life that the FS salves says is OK. OMG!

    All my DPA are burned in the fire place, though I have not told my husband, my blood card is gone, etc.

    Have to run for work. Thanks for any input. I will have to read that stupid WT tonight and try to understand it.


  • sir82
    blood fractions comes from the water in the blood

    Even assuming that were true (which it isn't, water is water, it does not contain "blood fractions")...

    "Ok, so where does the blood that contains the the 'blood water' come from? If the fractions come from 'just regular water', why not just make up fractions from tap water?"

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    You know LITS my family has never had a true conversation about the blood issue. This is totally weird because we had a relative die after refusing to take blood.

    The witnesses are a strange breed.

  • carla

    He sounds like a diehard and I'm not sure you can reach him but, please, please take care of your own health care concerns. Get a medical power of attorney you can trust (friend, family) and make it legal, get it notarized, tell your family members or friends and your doctor. I'm not sure but I think many jw's would let their non jw spouses die for lack of blood so they don't get their hands dirty giving you life saving blood in an emergency. Carry a copy of your legal paper in your wallet. If you don't want your husband to see it, fold it up, tape the edges and sign your name across the tape and paper so it cannot be opened without your knowing. You can find forms free on the internet, just change the lingo to suit you.

  • wobble

    There are excellent threads on here explaining fully the fractions problem, Marvin Shilmer comes to mind, but others too have disected this, so use the search facility.

    When you have proven to him that his fractions come from donated blood, ask him to explain to me, a commited blood donor, the JW's policy on donating blood,and why. If he has the nous to say that policy is wrong, then perhaps he will examine the whole silly thing.

  • wasblind

    The JW's that die because of the WT's policy on blood are no different than

    The terrorist that gave up their lives to bomb the world trade center, they both

    are considered martyrs in the name of a religion.

    And when a hospitalized JW is confronted with the posibility of recieving blood

    the liason commitee is there to make sure that they do not recieve the thing

    that could save their lives. I consider the liason commitee terrorist in their own


  • thetrueone

    The WTS/JWS proclaim many convoluted and disingenuous lies about blood and its derivatives .

    The question you could present to your husband " Is where does he suppose those acceptable blood fractions

    come from when he chooses to take them at his time of need." ?

    If blood fractions are derived from whole blood, what is he taking in but a simple part of whole blood, thats all.

    There was a recent thread about a JW elder stating that blood transfusions do not save lives in any kind

    of medical procedure, this is the kind of information that gets fed into the minds of people sitting in a JW Kingdom Hall.

    JWS swallow this BS because its supposedly coming from god's channel here on earth, the WTS. publishing company.

  • BluesBrother

    This link is to a pro J W stance They advise on medical matters. This page lists popular fractions and their origin, giving the lie to Lifeistooshort's husband's misapprehension ..I am sure he sincerely believes it.

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I'm sorry you have to deal with a cult mind controlled husband who would probably throw you under the bus if YOU needed a blood transfusion. Seriously, this is something to consider. Whether he changes his views on the blood issue or not, Carla is right - YOU need to make sure you protect YOURSELF in case you got in a serious accident or had a serious operation requiring blood to save your life.

    I did this just last year aquiring the proper legal forms to fill out from my private doctor and explained to him I was no longer adhering to the Jehovah's Witness policies on " no blood transfusions " . So I'm legally set up with my wife and non-witness son as being the contacts in case of ANY issue with blood giving them full legal authority to insist I get blood if I need it medically. It would be wise on your part to do similar. If you need friends to sign for you or be a contact in case of emergencies- my wife and I would be glad to be on your doctor's contact list. Please think about this. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Vidiot

    flipper - "I'm sorry you have to deal with a cult mind controlled husband who would probably throw you under the bus if YOU needed a blood transfusion."

    Authoritarian/heirarchal groups, as have been said before, shoot their wounded. I would also like to add that they, when threatened, eat their young.

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