The WTS's subliminal image '666'

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  • streets76

    And interestingly, the Hebrew word "W"(waw) means the figure "6."
    Therefore, that is '666'.

    Aha! As I've always suspected: THE INTERNET IS THE ANTICHRIST!!! (www=666). The internet was foretold in the bible! THIS MEANS THE BIBLE IS TRUE! GO TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS!

  • designs

    There's real power in superstition

  • sir82

    I don't get what the hub-bub is.

    The Awake is showing a photo of an inscription in a church that has an (apparently) misspelled tetragrammaton.

    Or is the poster claiming that the church's carving is accurate and the Awake editors photoshopped it to make it look wrong?

    Has anyone who has posted here been to that particular "rural church in Quebec" to see if the carving there is different than what the Awake photo shows?

    For approximately the 864,567th time:

    There are plenty enough real issues to criticize the WTS about.

    Blaming them for some 18th century Canadian's ignorance of the Hebrew alphabet and/or poor carving skills, and implying the WTS has embedded a sinister "666 message" in its own artwork, just makes ex-JWs look like nutters or conspiracy freaks, one step up from "9-11 truthers" or "birthers" or "the queen of England is a reptilian overlord" groups.

  • streets76

    And who shot Kennedy?

  • thetrueone


    Some idiot made a mistake, big deal

  • andy5421

    of course using Numerology anyone can make a code out of anything and have it represent anything they want since Numerology(like Witchcraft) has no set doctrine of what is CORRECT Numerology and INCORRECT Numerology.

  • possible-san

    Hi, everybody.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Well, although I introduced to you what other people have said, I think I would like to express my own opinion.

    Probably, a probable cause is a mere "spelling error."
    But there are some strange things.

    First, the "Tetragrammaton" is the Divine Name.
    Probably, as for it, they must never make a spelling error.
    Because it (God's name) is very important for them/JWs.

    Second, that Hebrew font is somewhat strange.
    Therefore, there is a common feature in "H" (he) and "W" (waw).
    And, the letter "Y" looks like an apostrophe by that Hebrew font.
    And also a part of last letter "H" looks like an apostrophe.

    It is hard for me to show people the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) like "666."
    It seems to have been done so "by design", IMO.
    Therefore, I used the word "subliminal" for the title of this thread.

    What I can say certainly now is that that Tetragrammaton is a spelling error.
    And that" Awake!" is a very rare article which shows it.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Technically, it's still YWWH,

    But the tetragrammaton is supposed to be YHWH, NOT YWWH. It's a completely different word and the uneducated Borg writers just assume that because it is religious and has 3 out of 4 letters correct that it's God's name.

    Why wouldn't they? They fully endorse the made-up "Jehovah" as God's name? Why not YWWH, whatever that word means?

    This isn't a conspiracy, IMO, it's a typical Borg dumbass mistake.

  • james_woods

    Celebrated "Hebrew and Greek scholar" Freddy Franz would never have let that pass if he were still here.

    Still, it makes you wonder how it got past the present day "spirit inspired" governing body and writing department.

  • NoStonecutters

    Thanks for sharing, possible-san!

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