Hi, I am Zach.

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  • WhatAboutWatson

    So I am a bit unsure of where exactly to post this introduction. But I am friends with d, who in fact is sitting right next to me at the moment. We both banter in the computer lab at the college we go to and well I figured, I would register here as well.

    I have no filter which well could be downfall. I expect it to. I work in the computer lab actually and surprisingly I haven't received any complains yet about my religious diatribes.

    I hope all is well!


  • snowbird

    Hello and welcome, Zach.

    Hello to you, also, d.


  • brotherdan

    Nice to meet you Zach. Do you have any history with JWs?

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head

    Welcome aboard

    Any friend of d is a friend of mine. In fact, I'm on good terms with most of the alphabet

  • d

    Welcome I hope you, like this site, you will laugh and cry, this site will prove to really open your eyes to how faulty religion is.Again welcome

  • WhatAboutWatson

    Thank you all!

    Brotherdan, I do not. With the exception of what d has been telling me I hope this place will open my eyes and make me more knowledable.

    Iron Head, e f g to you sir!

  • brotherdan

    It's great that you're here, Zach. Being on this site will give you some defense if JWs try to convert you. It's a tricky group because they are (for the most part) nice people. They have good morals. They generally try to have happy families. But underneath it all, it's a very destructive organization that has deeply hurt the lives of thousands (many of whom are on this site).

  • freetosee


    lol @ Iron Head

  • skeeter1


    Whatever you do in life, be it religion or a job . . . use the computer to help you find out the dirt. Read Steve Hassan's books, as cults exist in many forms. There are religious cults, but also companies, investments, exercise, etc. type cults. You are sure to run into a few during your life. Learning how to spot one will save you alot of heartache in the future.

  • WhatAboutWatson

    Brotherdan, I fear the idea of being converted. True story, a local politican came to my door in hopes of persauding for me to vote for him. I was nervous though opening the door because it feared it might be a JW. Mean? yes. But I probably would have let them talk and give them the thought they're doing a good job but that's just mean. I know deep down though like you said, they try to be happy.

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