God and the Meaning of Life: Where I Now Stand

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  • trevor

    neverendingjourney Your opening post was both thoughtful and enlightening. There is nothing I can add or take away.

  • peacefulpete

    I'll say we are special. We can give our lives any purpose we choose. Animals less self aware are bound by the environment, we are bound by imagination. If you choose to be athletic, knowledgable, helpful, wealthy, artistic, excellent parents, it is up to you. Any of these things can give purpose to every day and our lives meaning.

    Further, we are the only ones who have technology providing a large measure of control over our futures, and our technology is growing exponentially. I envision humans 1000's of years in the future living nearly immortal lives breathing methane or whatever they need to to live on other planets before the universe gives us all up. It is also equally possible that by then we will have engineered or possibly found other sentient beings who will need our help avoiding the pitfalls of superstition. What I'm saying is that there is plenty to ponder in the universe, the future is not written and we are just getting started.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    So then I say to myself, "she probably goes through more toilet paper in a week than I go through in a month."

    MLE - what the hell are you talking about? ROFL.

    I need to start living life now.

    Yeah. The thing is when you read most of the respected ancients, they all stress finding happiness and contentment now. Enjoy life now. From Buddha to Solomon. Hell, even Jesus said don't worry about tomorrow. People made fun of that group that waited in the basement for the spaceship to take them away. But most of religionists are waiting for the spaceship in one way or another.

  • cult classic
    cult classic
    What I'm saying is that there is plenty to ponder in the universe, the future is not written

    PP - I do agree with you there. But I'm still doubtful that we are special as regards our eventuality or purpose here. It would be nice if we are special and I am grateful for the life I have now.

  • truthlover


    I agree with all you have said -- you put it so succintly (is that spelled right?).. live for today, do what you can to make life better for those you love, and maybe for a stranger, don't worry about the future, the majority of any book are people's opinions, we are all human and mostly end up with the same answers, and they are no further ahead than another person, no matter how educated they are, we are all of the same destiny and after that who knows.......

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