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  • I need a lot of help
    I need a lot of help

    Is it true that only JW that are bapatized will be saved when the big A hits

  • mrsjones5

    No, but that's the short answer.

  • Jadeen

    The lady that my sister studied with told her only baptized witnesses would make it through the Big A

  • brotherdan

    They liken the organization to Noah's Ark. Those that were not inside the ark (i.e. baptized into the organization) were destroyed. You MUST associate yourself with God's spirit directed organization if you want to survive the coming end. Don't worry about anything with Jesus or any of that. Just get into the organization. You'll be fine.

  • sleepingbeauty

    They also say that those that never had a chance to hear the message of Jehovah will be 'possibly' saved. But for the most part they teach that anyone that knows about JWdom and rejects it, is automatically deserving of death during the Big A. Rubbish of course & not scriptural but thats what they teach....

  • AGuest
    They liken the organization to Noah's Ark.

    Which is a lie (thank you, dear BroDan, and peace to you!). The only "ark" is the Ark of the [New] Covenant. Which is mediated by Christ, whom they don't know (don't have clue, really, other than that he is not God but the Son of God. Beyond that, however...)

    Unfortunately, those who don't know (and the imposterish "golden calf" that the WTBTS is doesn't) can either only opine (oh, if they would at least limit themselves to doing that)... or LIE (which is what they do). Unfortunately, they SAY they "see" - though how they ever could without the "eyesalve" that is holy spirit is... well, a "great mystery",isn't it? Because of this, however, it is THEIR error that will remain. Unless, of course, they get OUT of her; you know, separate themselves and QUIT touching that "unclean" thing. Otherwise, it's actually them (among a few others, yes) who will receive her plagues... due to sharing in her sins.

    So, don't listen to a thing they tell you, dear NeedHelp (peace to you, as well!). Sure, they've got a couple/few things "right" (what religion doesn't?), but they're so minute and of no significance that it really isn't worth risking the plethora of FALSE teachings you could end up buying... or should I say "selling" [yourself to and to others].

    Again, peace to you both!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Years ago when it all seemed more urgent and the big A might come before I could get baptised in 6 months time I was told not to worry because "Jehovah can read hearts"

  • cofty

    Don't worry there is no big "A".

    Yes they teach that only active JWs will be saved.

  • foodalls

    You have nothing to FEAR, except FEAR itself (Fake....Evidence....Appearing....Real) No brother....there isn't going to be a big A.

    You will be just fine...A new "Paradigm" is going to be revealed to ALL mankind...Find out what that is at:

    Watch documentary called: The Day Before Disclosure (105 minutes) yet but a copy from site.

    ALL of mankind will never see this earth destroyed...something more beautiful will arrive here...SOON!

  • james_woods

    Foodalls, I have a suggestion:

    Rather than hijack just about every thread around here with your new earth order conspiracy theories, why not just start ONE thread on the subject and leave it there. For crying out loud - you put this stuff on a thread about Rahm Emanuell's status as a candidate for mayor of Chicago.

    For one thing, it would give a clear indication how much interest there is here in "Pandoras Suitcase" and other such mad ravings.

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