Yes, Brother Soldier77, I see you haven't turned in your time for the month...

by Soldier77 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • pat1060

    gutted...same thing with me.I haven't been to a meeting in 3 months.Only after the first month did the elder call me for my time.Thats it.Haven't heard from any one sence...out of sight out of mind..

  • pat1060

    Funny they don't call to see how you are,have you been sick, is your husband dead,why arn't you at meetings,we miss you...only do you have some time to turn in....

  • clearpoison

    I sent zero reports for some time, no questions asked, nothing. Obviously it was more important to report in overall than what you reported. Funny actually, those zero reports I remebered to always send in due time, those faked 1-2 hour things had to be pulled from me.


  • Heaven

    This April might be a rough month for you. Can you book a 4 week vacation to somewhere nice during that month?

  • pat1060

    Go on lock down during April.

  • Soldier77

    Thanks for the words of support everyone.

    Hoffnung, I will stick to it, I think the first month to not report was the hardest. Now, hey, already didn't report last month so who needs to now!

    Heaven, lol I haven't Aux Pioneered in years, even if I was still 'active' I wouldn't do it. Pioneering is a waste of time.

    I am expecting a phone call this week from the Secretary. I just know he's got the CO on his ass about me.

  • Stealth

    I knew one Secretary who could fill out someones time slip *before* he even called them on the phone to get it, and would nail it for several pubs. that he

    had to call every month.

    He knew it was fake time, and we laughed about it, but he still turned it in.

  • Soldier77

    Series, hi and welcome! I don't quite understand your statement, would you like to expound a bit on it to enlighten a young man? Thanks!

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