Yes, Brother Soldier77, I see you haven't turned in your time for the month...

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  • Soldier77

    So I get the call a couple weeks ago from the Secretary concerning my time for the month. He called on a Thursday and said that he is looking forward to seeing me at the meeting tonight and to make sure I turn in my time for the month. I said, "Ok!" All the while thinking, yeah right, I'm not even going to be AT the meeting let alone turn in my fake time!

    One of my new years resolutions was to stop 'faking' the FS time each month and stop turning anything in. It's sad that I had to use a New Years resolution list to get me started towards an official "Inactive" status.

    What's the progression on that anyway? "Irregular" if you miss one month and "Inactive" if you miss 6 consecutive months right? So that means I won't be considered Inactive until June. Awesome!

    I'm surprised they haven't called me to a meeting yet with the CO, must mean that they don't have anything to say to me. Good! Because I have nothing to say to them, other than, [email protected]$K YOU!

  • brotherdan

    Dare you to turn in a blatently false report. Claim something crazy like 90 hours. 200 mags. 32 RVs. 8 Bible studies. And when they ask you about it, just say "Just doing my part."

  • DagothUr

    You're missing a great priviledge, to sanctify Jay Hoover's name in front of bored housewives, of naked teenagers and in front of who knows what other type of terrestrial fauna.

  • leavingwt

    When I was still active, I tried to turn in ZERO time and the Secretary refused to allow me.

    He said, "Well, I'm certain that you spoke to your kids for at least 15 minutes about spiritual things, so I'll ll put you down for 15 minutes."

  • gutted

    Soldier, towards my last few slips I used the hours I spent on this board and talking to my friend about the truth...even if it wasn't favorable

    Honestly, I got one call but once I stopped attending meetings no more calls, even had the CO visit recently, nothin' from the elders. I'm sure this isn't everyones experience but it's eye opening how quickly they stop caring.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Soldier77
    When I was still active, I tried to turn in ZERO time and the Secretary refused to allow me.

    lwt, this is what bothers me. The last time he called me to turn in time, about 6 months ago, I told him 0. He told me, the same thing, oh you must have informal witnessed to someone throughout the month, I'll mark you down foran hour. All I said was, ok, thanks...

    Which makes me wonder what he'll do or did last month. We had our CO visit sometime in the last few weeks and I'm sure he didn't want to have me showing 0 right before CO reports are turned in.

    Interesting, so I wonder if he is lying for me now? LOL! That would be freakin hilarious.

    BroDan, that thought DID cross my mind a few months back. I was thinking of doing something insanely blatant like that and wait for a phone call from the Secretary.

  • Soldier77

    gutted, actually, the first 3-4 months I used that as my justification too. I figured I was witnessing to people about the TRUTH about JWs and using the hours to reverse attack them. Of course, now looking back that was a weak justification, but it helped me at the time. I don't do that anymore though.

    Hell, if I were to use the hours I'm on this board reading and posting I could be a regular pioneer!!

  • ssn587

    isn't it wonderful how tied they are to FS time. I mean hey what have u been doing with your time? a comment i head awhile back from a co was that is was just about sinful to not be out in FS and doing the D-to-D ministry. Yeah right! If anything is a sin connected to the ministry it's the going out and deceiving folks in the first place.

    Well that's the society 100+ years of uninterrupted time wasting at the door to door nonsense unimpeded by the advances in communication technology. They are living in the last days alright, the last days of communication technology from long long ago.

    have a good one everyone.

  • Hoffnung

    If you need a new years resolution, so be it. It is a very important step to quit reporting, and to quit means reporting Nothing at all. from now on. I am inactive already more than this 6 months period, and indeed, as soon as your status changes from irregular to inactive, the elders almost want you to remain like that, no kiddin'. In the beginning the secretary asked me as well, and my reply was: I am sorry but I have nothing to report. From all the 7 elders only 1 has asked me 1 time to go in service in more then 6 months. I said I would do it, and called the next day that something came up, so I could not be there. The funny bit: nobody has ever asked why I stopped going in service, and I am still quite regular on the meetings. One more proof that most elders are not personnally interested in you, you are just a means to increase the statistics and make them look better in the eyes of their 'boss-supervisor' aka CO. I am not going to waste any more minute on that. That is my resolution as well. Stick to your word, Soldier77.

  • jay88

    inactive=lowers the monthly average

    irregular=similar to getting disability at work(meaning that they don't count your non-activity as part of their average)

    I think,...

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