Where Is Nickolas and SweetBabyCheezits ???????

by wasblind 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • wasblind
  • tec

    I know that Nick said he was leaving for a while, and I thought SBC was just busy with other things for a bit. Hopefully he'll check in sometime; if not, then hopefully he's busy with his family and life and all good things within each.


  • wasblind

    Thanks for the update Tammy

  • tec

    You're welcome.


  • porfiada

    Hi I had noticed Nickolas' posts before I joined and now that I am here I have also noticed that he is not around....is there anyway that you can message him?

    People say "you can PM me" so I maybe you can....don't know how though. He might be on holidays still....

  • wobble

    Isaacausten has gone too it seems.

  • AGuest

    What, no inquiry about dear NVL??? Goodness, you ladies are just MEAN! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! No, seriously, I miss them all.


    SA, on her own

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Hello, my dear brothers and sisters in the forum of the JW-damned. Thank you, WB and Tammy, for being so observant and caring. Good to see you're both still active non-publishers! :-D Hope all is well.

    I'm still here - just been lurking off and on, trying to conserve time a bit this year. Looking back over last year, I got caught up in debates that left me with a time deficit and nothing more. This year I'm hoping to do more listening/learning in life and less talking.

    On a side note, NVL may have been abrasive to some folks but I thoroughly enjoyed his posts and felt he brought a good measure of reason to the table. He will be missed.

    Take care, all!

  • mamalove

    SBC, I had to check FB and see if you were still on there. You have been quiet indeed! I am sure you are being very productive and that makes Mrs. SBC very happy!

    I do want to hear some updates from you because, well I am nosy like that. Any more fall out?

  • wasblind

    I didn't mean to leave anyone out,

    I think everyone on the board bring their own

    style and contribute in their own unique way

    It's just that the two of you stood out in a positve way

    there are others whom I have missed and sent PM's

    It's good to know that you are doin' well

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