Where do you go JW

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  • undercover
    There you are standing in the parking lot 12o weather, in the dark. No way to get home and no way to get to KH. Just frezzing your ass off in the dark covered all over with blood and gut and smelling like poop. Where do you go.

    Silly...don't you know?

    Now is when you go stake your claim to the nicest house in town...and hope that none of the elders has beaten you to it. Since you're a JW 20 miles from home, then you're probably a good bit closer to the nice part of town than all the other dubs. Happy house hunting... - which gives me an idea for a new HGTV series.. House Hunters - After Armageddon

  • laverite


    That's one of the funniest (and sickest) posts ever. It's spot on. Where the heck did you find that image? Good lord, man! That picture is worth more than a thousand words. Don't even have to read the Revelation book. Just look at that pic.

  • Heaven

    Armageddon.... Always Near But Never Here.

  • dgp

    You know, since Armageddon isn't coming anyways, and this is but speculation, why don't we get playful? If we are going to be destroyed anyways, why don't we bad apples join forces with Satan and kick some angelic asses? We'd have some fun, I say. And, we would have nothing to lose. Dying would not be that bad because we'd be spared the "Great Balls of Fire". And, damn birds! I would kill as many as possible so my dead body would rot, not be eaten.

    Don't you think it would be even funnier, and Jehovah would be exalted to even higher heights, if there were some resistance? I wonder if the military tactics of the ancient worthies would be useful at all. I can imagine Joshua's confusion when the walls don't fall with the sound of trumpets, or David trying to throw stones at a tank, et cetera.

    In the traditional way, Armageddon is like the Martians in "Mars Attacks!". I say it's time we give them some rock'n'roll.

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